Top 7 Flowers Facts That Everyone Must Know About

From the years, flowers have been playing their vital role in our lives and are used for many things we need. People all over the world use flowers to symbolize complex emotions like love, care, and remembrance. They have been used for centuries for medicines, aromatherapy, and many healing purposes. Nowadays, people commonly send flowers online as a way to communicate things like “I love you,” “Thank you,” and “I am sorry.” 


But beyond that, flowers have various facts everyone must know. Here we are going to share some interesting and fun facts about flowers and their different uses as well, which makes them truly amazing.

Flowers Facts That Everyone Must Know About


The World’s Smelliest Flower

Titan Arum native to the equatorial rainforest of Central Sumatra in Western Indonesia is the smelliest flower in the world. Due to its smell, it is also known as “corpse flowers” because it smells like a dead body. With a bad smell, this flower is said to be the world’s largest flower of 3 meters tall. We bet you, once you smell this flower, you will never think of smelling it again in your whole life.

The Price Of Tulips

These are one of the gorgeous flowers listed in most-selling blooms, especially in the Netherlands, where more than 3 billion tulips are produced each year. They are favorite flowers of almost every florist and purchased mostly during the festive seasons. They were considered to be worth more than most precious metals, including gold in the 17th century in Holland. Some people say that one bulb could cost upward of $2,000! Another fun fact about tulips? They can substitute onions, and several varieties of tulip are used in making salad ingredients. 

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Species

In scientific research, it has been found that hundreds of thousands of flowers exist and more than 270,000 at the recent count. Around more than 35,000 of those are various species of roses, which are included in the most culturally valuable and gifted flowers worldwide. Samuel de Champlain was the first person who said to deliver roses and a French explorer who brought the symbolic blooms to North America in the 1600s.

The Oldest Flower

In 2002, scientists found a fossil of a flower and believed it to be the oldest flower of the world. Now that fossil of a bloom known as “The mother of flowers,” the Archaefructus Sinensis is thought to have grown more than 125 million years ago in China. Before online flower delivery for your loved ones, don’t forget to tell them about the oldest flower fact. 

Gas Plants

Gas plants are one of the beautiful flora and known for their delicate pink and white blooms, but this plant produces more than just flowers. On warm nights, they emit a colorless gas, which some believe can be inflamed. Moreover, you can check out these flowers on the website or youtube and come to know more details about it.

The Resurrecting Lotus

The early Egyptians were enthusiastic about the lotus flower, which they considered holy or divine. They said the lotus symbolizes revival because it’s capable of lying dormant for years during dryness, then blooming once the land becomes soggy enough again. Egyptians even used the resurrecting bloom during burials. With its unique look and unique features, these flowers are always listed on top of people’s favorite flowers. 

Sunflowers Bask 

Sunflowers are known for their brightness and charm, and their name is entirely very fit. They love the sun and change their discretion to the point toward the sun. Their natural and unique activity makes them different from other flowers. So, if you’re thinking of ordering orchid flower online, you can go for sunflowers and present them to your loved ones.

Flowers are the most beautiful part in nature that give us many reasons to smile, but beyond that, there are some flowers you never want to present someone on your list. These are some interesting facts about the flowers we mentioned above and hope you came to know more about them.

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