Top 7 Profitable Instagram Niche from which you can Earn Money

I see a lot of people talking about growing followers and getting engagement which guys really it means nothing if you’re not making money why are you doing Instagram in the first place is it just for you know an ego boost to get lots of followers to get big number or are you actually doing it to make money so for me and I think should be for most people at least you’re doing Instagram you are growing page as you’re doing whatever you’re doing in order to try and eventually at least make some money. Many Influencer’s and Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka are teaching on various Platforms like Youtube, Blogs, etc. So let’s get straight into this video and we’re gonna be talking about the strongest niches to make real money on Instagram so guys

  1. The first niche: I ‘m gonna talk about is health healthy is not Fitness you know where you’re actually you’re trying to get fit you’re trying to get lean you’re trying to get big health is more you’re trying to take care of your body you’re trying to be healthy and I can come under you know dire or supplements or just all wellbeing and generally maybe even mental health you know taking care of your brain.

The reason why this is such a good niche to make money is because everybody is trying to improve their health everybody wants to be healthy everybody wants to live a healthy life so if you can provide a product or like a solution or something to do with health that is going to actually improve people s lives and it’s gonna even just make them think that they’re going to be more healthy you have got a winning product right there you only need to look at the supplement industry diet industry and all of these similar niche industries to look to find out how big health is as a niche so number one and potentially one of the biggest niches is healthy so there’s a

2) Niche number two: That we are going to talk about is well now wealth is just having money being financially secure you know improving your income and pretty much you know probably of people want to improve their wealth either they want to be rich or they at least just want to be financially secure and not have to worry about money.


  • which you know would be an amazing thing the other maybe the monks maybe they just genuinely don t care about money which is an all some position to be in but most people do care about being wealthy and improving their wealth so if you can offer them an opportunity or just something which is going to improve their chances of being wealthy or improve their opportunity to earn money or even improve their income you have got a winning product there and people will spend you know a lot of money on a product that they think is going to make them more wealthy

3) Niche number three: which we touched upon and what we talked about health is Fitness so many people these days including myself want to get fit want to get healthy but quite often if you re me being lazy or being busy with other things sort of distracts distract you or you know takes priority which shouldn’t really do but sometimes it does so everybody wants to get fit not everybody has the time or has the drive or has you know whatever it may be something getting in the way so if you can help people become fit you know maybe you’re a personal trainer maybe you’ve got a product an exercise product that’s gonna make them fit maybe you’ve got like a regime or a routine or you’ve got some sort of diet plan something like that that is going to help them get fit then you know you’ve got a really winning product or service for Instagram an Instagram is great for Fitness people because you can show off the results that you get for people it’s very visual and yeah Fitness is an absolutely huge niche especially on Instagram so as

4) Niche number four: Is like a combined nation I’m gonna call it dating a love everybody or you know most people I can never say everybody because I know some people are going to be difficult about it but everybody wants to find love or be loved or feel loved it’s a very core human emotion and something that we almost literally need to have to feel good or to feel secure obviously a lot of people maybe struggle to find that feeling and that is why dating sites dating apps and you know these self -help people will try and help people to find love and these industries are literally huge so if you have a product or something that is going to help people a service maybe that is going to help people to date or find love or something in the middle of them then you are onto a winning product

5) Niche number five: Is going to be one of my favourites and the one that on Instagram is my biggest area of expertise should we say which is pets you know I don t know what the stats I didn’t research prior to this video but I’m pretty sure it’s more than half of people have some sort pet whether there’s a cat where there is dog where there are rabbits where there is a goldfish. whatever it may be a lot of people have pets and the thing with pets is it’s almost like a child people really care about these pets they have a lot of passion they have a lot of love towards these pets and they do genuinely treat it almost like a child so they will buy things for your pets you know.

  •  I have two dogs and a cat and I always buying stuff for them half of the time is pointless but I still buy it because I need to know you know what it’s like and I want to see my dog maybe wearing something or give it a tree or whatever it may be guys people spend a lot of money on pets and that’s something that I found outgrowing a lot of pet pages and selling products selling affiliate products people spend money and they can genuinely be a little bit crazy with how they spend money on pets.

  • I really like plus not to mention the money-making the growth aspect for pets on Instagram proposing cute pictures of dogs and cats and all that sort of good stuff is really you know it is really viral so the combination of money-making and growth with pets makes it a very strong opportunity for a niche so guys in each

6) Niche number six: Almost there is a beauty so making yourself more attractive not fitness-wise more looks-wise appearance-wise so it could be maybe improving your hair may be a makeup anything that s going to make you more attractive which in this day and age and especially with Instagram being as big as it is everybody wants to improve the way they look everybody is looking for something that is gonna you know make them look a few points better as shallow as it sounds guys that is the reality and the truth of society that we live in if you can provide maybe it’s just some makeup that s kind of unique maybe some makeup brush maybe it’s something to do with hair care maybe it’s mascara.

  • I don t know the beauty is a absolutely huge niche if you’re a girl I’m sure you probably spend a lot of money on makeup if you’re a guy girls spend a hell of a lot of money on makeup take it from me not that I buy a lot of makeup but my girlfriend buys a lot of makeup so if you can provide a good product for that niche you know it might be quite competitive because it’s such a profitable and hungry niche then you are really going to make a real impact using Instagram.

7) Niche number Seven: final niche kind of falls into a lot of these categories that we’ve talked about before it’s called self-improvement and I’m sure a lot of you know about self-improvement self-improvement has huge communities of people who are trying to better themselves in whatever it may be so it could be things that we’ve already talked about that being more healthy being fit being wealthy you know finding love and it also could be about things like discipline productivity and just anything that is going to improve certain areas of your life they are tons and tons and tons of books self-help programs classes courses everything so whatever you re passionate about if you can teach somebody how to become better at that in terms of self-help then you could have your own product that helps people improve themselves and that can be extremely extremely profitable so guys. Bookmark the website and you learn more information like this Article.


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