Top 7 Reasons UX Design is Important for Your Business

The User Experience is a loaded word today. You say it, and it hits the listener. A loaded word brings many ideas into a listener’s mind. Such loaded words like UX design are not often appropriately understood.  

What is UX Design?

The UX design has many off-book definitions, but off-book is muddling. Easy is always right. So let’s go for the simple version of what UX design is: it is the feeling people get when they use your product, system, or service.

You can see that UX design is pretty much everything. The word “feel” can bring in the product look, the way the different elements of the product interacts, the specific points in a product, the colors, the alignment, the font style, the feel that color creates, the first impression of your opening screen and so on.

UX impacts your business directly

A UI UX design process involves problem-solving. You have a product idea. You know what service it offers, you know how it will bring revenue to you, but how do you communicate it to your users?

Your digital app or website should be able to communicate this to your possible clients. You may now think that content that the page fills will be enough. But then you are right and yet wrong. The content strategy is just one pillar to host your product. You still have the following components to consider :

  • The human-logic interaction
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Information architecture
  • Marketing and branding options

UX design takes care of these diverse components of your product and hence forms the basis for building an enjoyable user journey. 

7 Reasons for Businesses to Consider UX

Every enterprise seeks to increase the number of sales and thus the growth of a business. The UX design has a direct effect on engaging customers with your company and hence effectively makes conversions happen. Here we describe the top 7 reasons companies should take up their UX design seriously by working with a right UX design agency.

1. Increases customer satisfaction

Clean navigation, a clear user journey without much distractions and confusion is definitely going to make your users feel easy. And the more a customer feels it easy to use your product more likely they will come again. Because we naturally remember comfortable experiences during hard times.

2. Reduce the cost in terms of work hours

Businesses hire talent with pinpoint accuracy but fail to capitalize on them abysmally. An app development company may hire the best developers, but if they do not place a ux designer to mediate between the process of design and programming, much could go wrong in terms of bug fixing and errors. A UX designer connects the holistic part of a product with the backend team. A good UX designer can save you the time you spend on retracing your product’s errors and shortcomings.

3. Helps your market well and naturally

Businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns every year. They run Google Ads, run pay-per-click campaigns, and enrich their SEO team with resources and whatnot. Yet, seldom do we see them take a second look at their product and think- is my product marketable?

It is a colossal blunder if you have not yet looked at your UX design and however, spend thousands of dollars on marketing. It would be best if you grasped the simple fact that good product markets itself. There is no need for separate marketing other than implementing basic SEO principles to make your presence known and your business accessible. A UX design index is now even a part of Google’s algorithm to help people find engaging and well-to-do products. 

UX design makes your product adorable, and people share delightful experiences with friends and relatives. Thus the self-marketing happens on its own.

4. UX design creates loyal customers.

It is, in fact, the continuity of the above process. The UX design using psychological principles has a very soothing effect on customers. They feel like they are not with the business but a friend. The trust-building is almost instant. Just think, how do you make friends? You make friends with those who are good to you, who make you feel comfortable, who give you value and respect. And colors, designs, buttons, etc. can create such psychological responses in a user.

5. Ensures greater ROI

In 2018 Walmart went for an overall redesign of your website. They redesigned the minor and major aspects with a total focus on making their users experience more comfortable. The result was terrific, a gaping 43 percent increase in Walmart’s eCommerce sales. It is nothing companies and product owners have been continually improving their products for more significant user experience over the years. All of them are getting a reward in the form of enormous business growth.

6. Improves Google rankings for SEO

Your SEO can get real help with a definite revamp on the UX design. As we discussed before, the SEO ranking factors are not dependent on the content and style. Google has started to track the real experience and feel that a site visitor gets. It is Google’s play at great UX. Google wants its users to have the best sites that give them the best. So Google naturally wants like-minded business websites on top. So you can see how UX design is even a cascading factor of success of one business and the other one.

7. Helps to build your brand

What makes Apple iPhones stand out? It is the design. Steve Jobs was a man with excellent design sense. He poured blood and sweat into the design, and it worked. Today iPhones and tablets have created their own identity. They don’t need to market themselves. The name itself inspires the very feeling we talked about in the beginning. The word “Apple” is today a loaded one. So the whole process of creating engaging UX pathways is about giving the indescribable experiences to customers. Something they can’t describe but yet feel and the brand name’s utterance becomes the indication of that mix of good feelings.

Start working on your UX today and design a unique and everlasting space for your product or service in the people’s hearts.





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