Top 8 Broadway Shows You Need to Watch in a Lifetime

It’s hard to describe Broadway magic to those who haven’t seen it. The live musical theater in New York is unlike any other theater or cinema in the world. Manhattan attracts top-tier theater actors as well as some Hollywood actors who are taking a break between filming schedules.

There are choices for people of all ages and preferences, so there are no justifications not to go.

The works range from classic Disney adaptations (The Lion King, Frozen, Aladdin) and cult films (Beetlejuice) to those that have dominated the box office for years (Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked) and those that debuted during the awards season (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Hadestown, Waitress, The Book of Mormon).

Going to Broadway musicals is just as impressive as going to concerts, and you can also buy tickets online. Live music is the common denominator. It is a real privilege to listen to a live orchestra while some talented artists sing and perform on stage. The stage artists sing and dance, but they give 110% every time, and they must do it eight times a week. 

A musical from Broadway usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours. There is a pause in between actions so you can use the washroom and put your feet up without skipping a beat.

So, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Broadway and immerse yourself in one of the best Broadway shows.

The Lion King

The Lion King, a show adapted to Disney’s famous movie and often considered the leading musical ever, has the throne of Broadway musicals. It won six Tony Awards and an Evening Standard Award for its sensational scenery and music by Elton John.

It was New York’s best-selling musical as of 1997 because it is one of Broadway’s most impressive creations. Assume you’ve seen the movie about Simba, the lion prince whose evil uncle Scar wants to usurp the throne. He sets a trap to do so, where the king of the savannah, Mufasa, dies. Unfortunately, scar deceives him into wanting to believe his father’s death, so Simba flees the kingdom. Months later, the prince realizes that the savannah has begun to degrade under his uncle’s regime, and he makes the decision to confront the usurper and reclaim his spot in the “cycle of life.”

The Lion King’s theme tune is fantastic, just as the performers and venue embody themselves.

The story also teaches values that are never out of style. Sure, it’s an incredible show that manages over two hours to escape the real world.


The word that defines Aladdin’s music best is magic. Everything is remarkable, incredible and exceptional in this theater adaptation of the popular animated film from the 90s.Another Disney classic that merits a musical adaptation! One of Broadway’s musicals creates more furor among the public thanks to a brilliant stage, the character’s careful characterization, a few new songs, and Genie’s ever-hilarious humor.

It starts when Aladdin, Agrabah’s young little thief, finds a magical lamp that can help him fix his life and end poverty in three ways. First, he wants to be one of them to conquer Yasmine as Prince, the gorgeous sultan’s daughter, for whom he fell in love. However, the evil royal courtier has other proposals for the lamp Genie, which will potentially harm the entire city.

One of the most important musicals in New York. Whoever knows the film songs can hum the music, and this is so fun that they fly for two and a half hours. The “A Whole New World” scene in which the main characters fly over the town on a magical carpet speaks of flying is simply splendid. You’re going to be speechless!

Beauty and the Beast

All eight songs from the original film, along with one cut from the movie version, made it into the Broadway retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Critics called it one of the best musicals to hit the stage, and fans kept returning for 13 years, from 1994 to 2007.

Many might think it’s only a story of fairytale princesses, of people who have always lived happily after marrying a “prince charming.” However, the charm of the film is that Bella, her character, is not the princess. She was a young girl who, first and foremost, didn’t find her place in a village’s quiet life. She was the daughter of an inventor who everybody thought was crazy, loved to read, and sought to make her life something more than marriage and children. The prince is not the typical fairy tale prince either. (In this story, there is no danger of the prince becoming a beast because he already is one).

The Book of Mormon

This musical is possibly largely unknown to foreign audiences, yet it is one of the most successful and funniest musicals on the Broadway circuit. Laughs are guaranteed! The Book of Mormon has been very provocative from the creators of South Park since its debut in 2011 for its script’s provoking and vulgar nature. However, some people can feel uneasy in certain scenes due, among other things, to the authors’ acidic criticism of religions, diseases like AIDS, injustice, and hunger.

It tells the story of two Mormon missionaries, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price, sent to a remote Ugandan village to spread their religion among the indigenous peoples.

But soon, you discover that things aren’t as you had hoped, and you don’t convert as large as you had expected, which causes the task to take a very different turn than you planned.


Wicked is a fascinating musical on Broadway! The Wizard of Oz, a score full of emotion and excitement that deals with friendship, a theme suitable for all audiences, is the preface to the famous story. It tells the story of the two young witchcraft students Elphaba and Glinda, who come to meet in Oz and have great friendship despite their differences. On the one hand, Elphaba is a smart but a little retired sorceress who struggles to find her way into the world. But, on the other hand, Glinda is popular at the University and is outgoing.

Wicked was one of Broadway’s greatest hits since its premiere in 2003. It has won 3 Tony Awards, a Grammy for the best soundtrack in a musical, as it is a fresh and entertaining proposal with intrigue, mood, and an impressive show. Moreover, it stays with The Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King, on the podium of the best musical music from Broadway.

Moulin Rouge

You can’t miss this magnífic adaptation of Moulin Rouge if you are a genuine fan of the award-winning film Baz Luhrmann starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman in 2001.

This sensational experience full of color, lights, and emotions will plunge you into a 1900’s bohemian Paris.

In actuality, the theater where it is being performed has a structure that perfectly matches the music’s theme and makes you feel part of the story. Thus, it is a wonderful opportunity to experience an intimate story of love between the young writer Christian and Satine, the star of the cabaret, a celebratory of truth, beauty, freedom, and, especially, love, through the magical soundtrack of Moulin Rouge with “Can-can” or “Lady Marmalade!”

While it is not a copy of the cinema, the music preserves its very essence as the music scene even boasts the symbolic red windmill, the giant elephant, and the lounge’s flavor. It is also modernized by adding recent songs to its back catalog, making you more identify with the tale. The outcome is audacious, bright, and exciting.


Another Broadway’s great musical production is Chicago, a classic that takes us back to the happy ’20s every season. This show is directed at a more adult audience. Still, it sneaks into high positions in the Top 10 because it is one of the greatest in Broadway, with jazz music as a background and favoring surreptitious activities, bribery and crime.

Chicago tells the story of Roxie Hart, an innocent lead role actress dreaming of following Velma Kelly, a famous vaudevillian. However, a series of misleading events lead both to the fact that murder is carried out in jail.

Roxie gets legendary, knowledgeable lawyer Billy Flynn to take on her case for a heavy fee under the crafty care of prison Warden Morton. Unfortunately, her mentor and Velma Kelly take away much from Roxie’s career in prison, but the artist has a second ash. 

You can get a sense of the fantastic musical figures you will see on stage if you saw the movie from 2002 starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger, and Richard Gere, but watching these spectacular choreographs live with the sensitive stage and feeling that the music is on your seat is a unique and entirely recommended experience.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

You certainly can’t miss the legendary Radio City Christmas spectacular if you’re traveling to New York with a busy program visiting many museums. This is a magical Christmas story, which first appeared in 1933 and is now a genuine tradition.

Funny about the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is that every year, the show changes and always comes as a surprise. It is strongly recommended to go to New York with your family because the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is ideal for every age and the children can have a wonderful time.

If you have never attended an event at Radio City Music Hall, you should know it is a dream theater. However, if you have been to concerts and other events, we tell you that the theater changes completely when the atmosphere is transformed into a magical Christmas world during the Christmas show.

The stars of the Christmas show are the famous Rockettes, a group of professional dancers who will surprise you with their figures. Coordination, clarity, and harmony are some words that can be used to describe your flawless presentation.

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