Top Android Studio Frameworks. Best Framework for Android Studio 2021

List Of Top Cross-Platform frameworks For App Developers

  1. React Native
  2. Xamarin
  3. Ionic
  4. Corona SDK
  5. Flutter
  6. PhoneGap
  7. jQuery Mobile
  8. Appcelerator Titanium
  9. Mobile Angular UI
  10. Monaca

More and more companies have realised over the past couple of years that apps are essential to their brand interactions, as they can help create a great link and easy engagement with consumer. With the app, users can show engagement on to go.

Choosing the right framework for the android studio for app development is not easy due to a large number of different options available. 

1. React Native Android Framework

Developed by the Facebook, it is best android studio frameworks in 2021. The React Native Android Studio Framework enables developers to create apps for both Android and iOS using React Native Technology with the help of a versatile JavaScript library. It is regarded as one of the best open source applications for mobile development since.

React Native has developed a large following over the years and is used by several businesses, including Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Intuit, Bloomberg, Uber, Yahoo, Walmart, and more, in thousands of apps. Google Trends shows that in the past few years, the system has gained more and more traction. This system has been used by about 1600 developers as of today.

Google Trends shows that Demand of React Natice increasing years by years. (Last 5 years graph)
Why Choose React Native over other frameworks

Popular for native-like and elegant user interfaces access across platforms. Helps developers to significantly reduce development time and costs. 

2. Xamarin

Xamarin, owned by Microsoft and one of the top Android studio frameworks, provides an innovative toolset that allows developers to create native apps on a shared C # codebase for multiple mobile platforms.

Xamarin became part of the IDE of Visual Studio, which led large corporations to use this system in sectors such as healthcare and electricity.

It is primarily for those developers who plan to share code and test business logic with Visual Studio across platforms that write cross-platform applications in C #.

3. Ionic:

Ionic is an MIT-certified free and open-source platform that allows developers to use modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is ideal for developers looking to create mobile applications that are hybrid and interactive. It is the most developer-friendly platform and has a rich collection of elements, gestures, & animations tools that help you create from a single codebase high-quality mobile/desktop/PWAs.

4. Corona SDK

Corona is unique in that it empowers the development of advanced and fast applications. Backed by its dynamic API, its matchless growth and iteration speed turns it into a precise platform for all-purpose development and gaming.

Additionally, this framework hosts native UI support, an integrated engine, and over 500 APIs, along with a powerful developer-created advertisement platform. This system is excellent and uses a highly versatile language for programming.

Why is Corona SDK is the best android studio framework for game development?
  • With more than 1000 APIs and plugins, translating their ideas into fascinating games and apps is simple for any developer, making it ideal for cross-platform development. 
  • Capable of calling any native library is the feature that makes it the best fit for gaming app development. You can call or use an API from any native (C / C++/Obj-C / Java) libraries.
  • Corona Marketplace ‘s availability is a big bonus for developers to explore the territories and find unique third-party assets such as graphics and instruments, audio and sounds, etc.

5. Flutter


Flutter is the UI toolkit for Google to build striking, natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications from a solitary codebase. From its stable release, Flutter has become one of the most hyped cross-native frameworks. Nowadays, most businesses are passionate about fluttering. This is large because Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and web applications can be built from a single codebase.

In a recent technology survey for best frameworks for android studio, we came to know that about 30 percent of developers use the Flutter platform. The creation interface of the platform contains sharp CLI instruments. Additionally, it supports forums for GitHub and Slack.

Why Flutter was built and why you should utilize it?

Flutter takes a diverse approach in an effort to make mobile development enhanced and is one of the best android studio frameworks in 2020. It offers precise framework app developers work against and a specific engine that comes with a portable runtime for hosting applications.

Google’s Flutter framework utilizes a 2D rendering engine known as Skia for visuals related to material design and the Cupertino style. Flutter even facilitates a robust testing framework, allowing developers to implement UI, unit as well as functionality tests. The framework creates the Skia graphics library, offering widgets that are essentially rendered and altered to be just wrappers right on native controls.

Comparision between Flutter vs React Native android studio frameworks

#IndexFlutterReact Native
First Release20172015
Created ByGoogleFacebook
Open Sourceyesyes
Programming LanguageDartJavaScript
Popularity68,000 Stars on Github (June 2019)78,400 stars on Github (June 2019)
IDEHigher compatibility with IntelliJ idea, Visual code studio & Android studioA wide range of IDE’s and tools support React Native
Documentationclean and easy to followUnclear
ArchitectureBLoCFlux and Redux
Stateful Hot ReloadingAvailableAvailable
Adaptive ComponentsComponents are not adaptive. Need to be configured manually (proprietary widgets)Some are adaptive automatically
(native components)
App PerformanceHigher at 60fps animation standardLower as it uses JavaScript bridge for initiating interaction
Native AppearanceBetter as it has access to the device’s core functionalitiesLess due to its dependency on third-party
3D SupportNoYes
Top apps built using Flutter/ReactXianyu by Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, Google AdsInstagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Skype, Tesla
Details comparision between two best frameworks for ansdroid studio in 2021

6. PhoneGap

The PhoneGap system, which acts as a cross-platform program, is supported by Adobe and Apache. It is the world’s most stylish Android Studio framework. It comes from the Apache Cordova team, which is an open-source mobile development framework that uses cross-platform development using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, which is fully open-source.

An instinctive desktop application that is used to create apps and to serve those apps to linked mobile devices is at its heart. At the end of the day, text commands that can literally transform or get incorrect and are even hard to memorize as an android developer structure are no more difficult to grasp.

Apache Cordova vs Adobe PhoneGap

You may not know but PhoneGap is a distribution of Apache Cordova.Nonetheless, as an app developer or as an organization, you don’t have to worry about the differences between these two.

7. jQuery Mobile

It’s an easy decision to decide to use a system. The more difficult question is, which frame suits the project at hand? JavaScript frameworks are excellent tools for mobile app creation. They are successful, lower development costs, and seem to have the security advantages that come with big, active developer groups.

The famous jQuery library is based on this lightweight framework for android studio. For mobile website creation as well as games, developers use jQuery Mobile. With an emphasis on general usability (Android, iOS , Windows Phone, and Blackberry), it is touch-optimized.

jQuery Mobile support a wide range of different platforms, from a regular desktop, smart phone, tablet, or an e-reader device like Nook or Kindle. 

Although jQuery Mobile makes it possible, with little code, to perform complex scripting operations, there are disadvantages. Performance varies according to system. JQuery Mobile applications , for example, lag significantly on Android, but run on iOS more smoothly.

8. Mobile Angular UI Framework for Android Studio

Mobile Angular UI is a mobile UI framework for android studio that provides important mobile components such as switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, etc. that are missing in Bootstrap4. To achieve a better mobile experience, the system relies on libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js.

In order to simplify web development with Angular, several UI libraries and frameworks were made available as the Angular community expanded. These ready-to-use Angular UI components provide simpler and quicker ways for web apps to create a visually attractive and sensitive UI. To create a beautiful and dynamic GUI,

Here are the 8 of the best Angular UI frameworks you can use:

  1. Suave UI
  2. PrimeNG
  3. UI Bootstrap
  4. Angular UI Grid
  5. Angular UI Tree
  6. Angular Material
  7. LumX
  8. Quantum UI


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