Top Five Tricks to Reuse Your Custom Business Card Boxes

Do you handle too many business cards? If yes then you should go through custom business card boxes. These boxes can help you manage your business cards and save your precious contacts in a professional way. They can also prevent smudging and creasing of business cards. We all have at least a stack of old business cards. Although most of the time, these business cards will fall into the trash during holiday cleanings.

At the same time, some people still like nostalgia. But what if we tell you there are a lot of things you can do with these old cards?

Here are the tricks by which you can make these cards reusable.

1. Travel First Aid Kit and Soap Dish

The content of the first aid kit is based on the knowledge and experience of the person who assembled it. It also depends on the different first aid requirements of the area where the first aid kit can be used. The business card holder is suitable for making mini first aid kits. You can use it to put on a few cotton pieces of wool of various sizes, some alcohol wipes, and a bottle of preservatives to make a small pillbox. You can also put emergency toothpicks inside it. For formal use, you can put two red ribbons on the logo.

If you want to travel somewhere long away, you won’t get a large bar of soap in one of them. But you can easily get a small piece of travel soap with you. For example, you can use it in a hotel bathroom.

With an airtight lid, you can design a soapbox from your old business card boxes which are of no use now. This box will be a useful addition to your holiday packaging. It will help you to resolve your sanitary related tension.

2. You can Make Gift Tags from out of these Boxes

There are people who wish to be crafty during birthdays and Christmas. They will totally enjoy making gift tags with old business cards. You can cover them with paint so the business card can’t be seen. You can, then, decorate it in your heart.

You can use a hole punch around the corner and get some nice cords to attach to the gift. These business cards will serve you a great way to present your gifts to your loved ones. These sorts of card boxes will make you want to print business cards more frequently!

3. Update the Information and Enter it in the Fish Tank for Drawings

Everywhere the restaurants have aquariums (or other containers) on the counter, where you can put your business card in the contest. If your card is withdrawn, you will win a free meal or even more. For example, you can print an offer of a free meal throughout the year or something as cool as a new tech product.

This may serve a lot to attract your customers and provide more information in a more attractive and pleasant manner. Simply use a pen or marker to update information on old business cards, and then use these business cards for aquarium designs.

Your aquarium will also give an attractive look as well as it also serves as a means of marketing and advertising.

4. You can Design a Coffee Table and Cardboard Tags

You can decorate your coffee table from the old card boxes. The things you need to do are simple to first get a wooden coffee table. You can also take a glass plate of the same size as the coffee table and a whole old business card. You should then glue the business card to the coffee table and place the glass on it. This is a great idea to decorate your coffee table. People are used to showing off their favourite magazine covers, trading cards, and even wallpaper samples. You can put your new coffee table at the reception and amaze everyone who enters your room or office.

Similarly, you may have a wish to introduce some interesting and popular whiteboards to your workplace. But you must not want to pay for it? Luckily, you can easily turn old business cards into chalkboard labels. These can be used for repainting, labelling, or just for entertainment at home and at work. You can buy chalkboard paint from most home improvement stores and it’s very simple to use. Just be sure to let them dry before writing with chalk.

5. You can keep your Kids as well as You Engaged in Making Arts Related Activities

You may have an idea that you have the conditions to become the next winner of some art competition. You need not worry. Your business card could be a canvas of masterpieces. What are you waiting for? Plug, tie, or paste – spray colour and unleash your creativity. You can practice a lot. This will help you to make yourself fully skilled.

Sometimes, your children are too clever and can become uncontrollable for you. The condition becomes worse especially if you work from home. Therefore, to keep them busy or tame depending on the breed, you can ask them to try their hands as well as paws on your old business card boxes. This makes them busy.

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