Top Most Rewarding Content Marketing Types

In recent times, many companies make the common mistake of stuffing their content marketing strategy with all the aspects of it. Not only does that not help their case, it denies them from focusing on one aspect at a time. This results in creation of boring, stale or downright irrelevant content.

In order to prevent that, one must keep the content marketing strategy consisting of only the important elements or the most rewarding types of it. Whether its running a social media channel, or create a Wikipedia page. It can help one create one viable plan that can help them create content for a variety of online platforms.


In recent times, video content has become the most rewarding type of marketing tool. Considering the attention span of humankind down at 8 seconds now, it is only fitting that only video captures the attention of most online audience. Additionally, video content is not expensive anymore as animation and other aspects of it prove cost-effective and efficient. According to experts, brands with video in their content arsenal see the increase in organic traffic by at least 157%.

Additional stats suggest that videos increase the number of share by a whopping 1200% if added to the marketing strategy. Another study suggested that consumers lean towards video content to help them identify the right type of product before buying it.


Whenever someone looks to explain something in a long-form content type, eBooks presents itself as a viable answer. In the age of content marketing, eBooks provide valuable information regarding a product or service. Not just that, the content of an eBook is usually in-depth analysis of a commodity. It makes eBooks one of the best solutions in providing explanations.


Did you mention the top content marketing aspects and not mention blogs? Blogs are one of the most common and reward reaping type of content marketing tools available today. Because of their innate ability to draw audience, blog-writing is considered one of the top content marketing strategies. Additionally, blogs prove great in SEO as they can drive higher number of organic traffic by using valuable keywords in content.

According to stats, companies with blogs found themselves generating 97% more inbound links. Another study stated that websites with blogs yield 434% more indexed pages. Moreover, businesses with blogs generate 67% more leads compared to those without.

White Papers

White papers are distant relatives of eBooks as they have striking resemblance in some aspects. Whitepapers are a type of long-form content that proves to attract many leads. The primary difference between the two is that whitepapers are driven by detail-focused data. Featuring dense information regarding the subject, content marketing benefits in numerous ways from whitepapers.


Infographics are one of the most educating tools besides well-written blog-posts. You can guess why content marketing utilizes infographics. The primary object of using them is providing pivotal information regarding a product or service with pictures and brief but detailed text. It helps customers and audience visualize the statistics surrounding a commodity or service.

Case Studies

One of the most impactful tool in content marketer’s arsenal is case study. Case studies are customer or audience related stories that convey how a product or service has helped them in specifics facets of life. It makes an impact because a reader looking for the usage of a product can better understand the implementation in real life, as well as benefits.

Honourable Mentions

Other aspects that prove just as effective in some types of market include checklists, as they provide a list of specifics required by customers/readers. It helps companies understand the product requirement better. Another important aspect would be social media posts, as they provide valuable assets in gathering feedback and improving the content creation.


These are some of the most common and rewarding types of content marketing aspects active in the world today. Not just active, they are sought-out profoundly by many digital marketers and business owners because of their cost-effective nature and efficiency. Additionally, their potency in advertising a product or creating brand recognition is unmatched by many other aspects of digital marketing. However, all of them require an acute understand of digital marketing as a whole.

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