Top must-have features in your eCommerce app

Decreasing prices of mobile phones along with continued progress of their capabilities are making them a first-choice device to access the internet and do a lot more. The evolution of mobile app technologies and increased utilization of mobile phone functionalities in eCommerce mobile app development offers better user experiences, further enhancing their appeal. 

eCommerce mobile apps offer better shopping experiences with enhanced buyer engagement and shorter purchase times. Mobile apps have also led to increased customer loyalty and an amplified brand image. 

Considering the advantage that eCommerce mobile apps bring to the online retail business, let’s take a look at a compilation of essential features that you should factor in while availing of eCommerce mobile app development services.

Integral eCommerce mobile app features 

“If there’s one reason we have done better than our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience.” – Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon 

The primary purpose eCommerce mobile apps serve is augmenting the shopping experience of the buyers. The features key to eCommerce success focuses on the buyer journey throughout the sales funnels to bring about a positive user experience, increasing conversions, and fostering the brand image of the business. 

Listed below are features of eCommerce mobile apps developed for the customers of an eCommerce website. 

Faster SignUp process

Registration is the customer’s first interaction with your brand and chances are, there might not yet be a predilection for your business. A slower or a longer signup process may test the patience of the customer. On the other hand, faster SignUps will take the customer straight to the business end of their interaction, the primary reason they visited the app for.

Social Log-ins leverage the customer’s social media accounts like Facebook or Google to register with the app conveniently and with just a few clicks. 

Efficient product search 

After registering with your business, the customer would want to search for the product or service that they wish to find on your eCommerce site. Advanced search functionality with the ability to set filters will make it easier for them to find the products, boosting sales conversions, enhancing their shopping experience, and thereby strengthening your brand image.  

Moreover, comparison shopping is one of the key reasons customers shop online. A robust search mechanism will help them find products faster, making it easier to compare them. 

Support for multiple media in the product description

One area that online retail has to match up to offline shopping is giving the customers an actual feel of the product. The inability to physically hold the product they are considering buying can be made to do with a detailed product description supported by multiple images and if possible, videos. 

Product Recommendations 

Displaying product recommendations or related products on product pages helps to catalyze higher sales. Additionally, it also personalizes the shopping experience for the buyers, resulting in a more satisfying buying experience. 

Multiple payment options for higher conversion rates

Buyers have varying preferences of paying for their purchases. Card loyalty points, personal finance management are some of the factors that influence customer payment priorities. 

Customer payment priorities can also be subjective to a specific region. To expand the reach of your business and maximize conversions, it is important to offer multiple payment methods on your eCommerce site. 

You can consider adding popular payment methods like card payments, cash on delivery, internet banking, and more to your eCommerce mobile app.  

Streamlined and secure checkout

A convenient, secure, checkout process with minimum required clicks helps customers to place purchase orders with ease. Moreover, it also fast-tracks the decision phase of the customer.  

An uncomplicated checkout process also prompts repeat orders from customers, facilitating higher conversion rates. 

One-click checkout can be added to let customers check out with minimum steps involved, increasing convenience. 

Engage Customers with Push Notifications 

Establish an instant communication channel with the customers by sending relevant information via push notifications. Abandoned cart information, deals, fresh arrivals, or information related to orders in transit can help a business engage with customers and also opens up multiple marketing opportunities. 

Product Reviews and Feedback ecosystem

Social Proof drives buyer decision-making, catalyzing conversions. Enable product reviews and feedback on the products on sale at your eCommerce website to offer an interactive shopping experience to the buyers. 

Admin approval for these reviews would mean you can filter out inappropriate reviews that may malign the credibility of your website. 

Option to mark products as favorites 

In the process of making a purchase, customers may want to highlight some products that they like but don’t want to complete the purchase at that moment. The reason could be personal or the product may be out of stock. 

In that scenario, the option to mark the product as favorites, also popularly known as a wishlist, provides a better buying experience to the customer. The customers can conveniently browse their favorite products to make a purchase. This feature also aids in comparison shopping.

Social Media Integration 

Social media has interwind everyone’s lives. It is integral to many, impacting their emotions and influencing their decisions, including shopping. Social media integrations are an important feature for engaging customers. But even more importantly, it gives you a chance to audition your business to the vast audience of popular social media channels. Each time a customer shares any product, features, or deals from your website, your brand automatically gets to reach a bigger audience, leveraging the customers’ credibility to his family and friends. 

Social media integration is thus important to eCommerce mobile app development

Easily accessible customer care

Customer-centric businesses have done well. Especially since online businesses can’t meet the customer in person, they have to devise ways to ensure the credibility of the business. For instance, customer focus is one of the key underlying factors behind Amazon’s success.

One-tap access for customer care can leverage the business as customer-focused and reliable.    

The above-stated features are important from a customer perspective, but you will need features for better business management as well. The following features can be incorporated in the eCommerce mobile app exclusively for the admin or sellers. 

Analytics and reporting

Gauging the health of your online business by analyzing it on various parameters such as number of visitors, more popular products, products not selling as expected, and others is intrinsic to eCommerce success. 

Analytic tools such as google analytics can give such invaluable information that can help you understand your business better, making them an important part of eCommerce mobile apps. 

Assign and delegate roles

Managing an eCommerce business needs a collaborative effort from a team. Functionality to assign admin duties with limited or full access can help in the efficient management of the eCommerce store via the admin dashboard. 

The feature list mentioned above mentions some of the quintessential features for an eCommerce store. The business can validate the value of these features to their eCommerce app by launching a Minimum Viable Product or MVP in the market. The learnings acquired can show the way ahead for eCommerce mobile app development. MVP services can be availed if offered, by the custom app development company. 

Additionally, apart from including essential features in the eCommerce mobile app, effort must also be poured into making the app intuitive, user-friendly with easily comprehensible navigation, and well-performing. 

Summing up …

M-commerce is gaining traction and is slated to become even more significant in the years to come. eCommerce mobile apps are an important consideration for startups and SMBs alike. 

Growing competition in the sector demands a careful analysis of all buyer touchpoints in the online retail journey and offers a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

Incorporating nifty features throughout the entire buyer journey will help fuel sales conversions and boost the brand image of your eCommerce business. 

Devise an apt business plan and select appropriate features during eCommerce mobile app development to power a successful online business.

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