Are you looking for a unique place to travel, and then how about checking out some colobus monkeys living in Forest near grasslands, South Africa? Book your ticket with the help of easy loans and go to Africa.

It can give you a lifetime experience to see those sandy beaches and stylish monkeys. They are famous for their stunning color combination and looks.

It’s not about this, do you know that they usually live in small groups, which are made up of one male, 3 or 4 females.

Everyone enchants them for beautiful black fur strongly dissimilarity because of:-

  • Long white hair on the back
  • Bushy tail
  • Beard around the face
  • Diverse shaped facial structure

Besides that, they do not even come down to drink water so often, as they get it from treetops, which is quite enough for survival.


Monkeys are 18 to 27 inches long, in that we are not counting their tails. Plus, they weight somewhere around 12 and 32 pounds. Males are usually, to some extent, bigger than females. They only have four fingers, and no thumb isn’t’ amazing. Still, they rush through the trees and only with their vegetarian meals. Yes, they only eat leaves and fruits. Sometimes they even eat biscuits and cakes.

One more interesting fact, they sleep together at night, spreading out into neighboring trees close to a food source. It gives them the feeling that they are closer to each other. They almost live till becoming 25 to 28, except for some exceptional ones who enter in the ’30s.


Each cluster has a well-defined land of about 40 acres in Africa. They are almost everywhere in the forest, in plenty of different groups. Their group leads by the senior monkey male members. They are less interested in touching the ground as they usually live on trees and that too on extreme heights.

They play with branches like it is so fun, they can take a jump in one to go more than 20 to 50 feet. The moment they hold the next step with their outstretched arms and legs, they look tremendously affectionate.

The hidden fact, the female of every group, stays with the same monkeys till her last breath and their specialty. Plus, a female gives birth once every 20 to 18 months on the standard. However, male monkeys are free to start their group and start living in their new world.


Colobus is mostly arboreal, spending their mornings taking sunbathing in the group. They bring into being a low-pitched boisterous singing group for displaying an alarm ringing. They use delicate body language to show violent behavior, including tongue-clicking and leg dropping.

Maybe this behavior can scare you, but they are a loving animal once you see the loving bond between mother and infant. You will not be able to control your eyes, which are going to fill with the pleasure of happiness.

Colobus monkeys are now and then referred by the locals as “MESSENGERS OF GOD.” It is because of the time they spend travelling back to treetops and the ground. The other hidden fact is that people believe that these monkeys haven’t defined it in front of anyone.


Maybe you are wondering what it is worth going to Africa, but once you step there, all your doubts get clear. It is one of the beautiful places, and if you are highly in love with animals, then you should not even think for once.

All those loving monkeys are waiting for you, then whom you are behind. Let us guess, are you wondering about how you will manage the expense. You have already taken a loan to book your tickets.

But still running with some funds, no need to hold your breath, how about going for a helping hand like personal loans for bad credit holder. You can get the financial support to fulfill all your own needs and that too without showing your credit score. All your problems will get solved in seconds, no need to cut down your dream of Africa. It can be a lifetime experience.


You can plan to go there with many people, but that is not possible because it will go to you a lot. Once you plan to travel, it should be with your close ones or the one with whom you are willing to start the new chapter of life. It will be so loving, only imagine and will give you Goosebumps. Think you and your partner are feeding monkeys that will be so romantic and loving trip.

Everyone plans something passionate with their partner, but why not you give something new.

You can even impress, and if your partner is also an animal lover like you, that what to say…Things will go on a perfect track!

You click the best pictures there with monkeys, even you can carry some baby monkeys and capture the best moments. Once you meet them and enjoy them entirely then, you can go to the beach in the evening and enjoy the sunset. It is going to be a perfect trip that you can ever run through in life.


Maybe you have seen many monkeys in life, and you are wondering that what’s new in colobus monkeys. After reading this complete blog, you will not ask this question to yourself again. They are enormously striking and eye likable, which can melt your heart in seconds. Besides, do you know that they even play wrestling matches with each other, and it’s so good to see it live?

They are firmly leaf-eaters and one of the most common breeds in monkeys. And what to say about their newborns. They have a pink face and are covered with white fur, look so adorable that you wish to pick them on the instant. However, their color begins to change every three months and to see them live a magnificent experience.

They are so graceful when they move that you cannot take your eyes off from them. Once they look at your face, everything stops there for an instant, as you will feel the best time. Without any second thought, go to Africa to play with all those cute and loving monkeys.

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