Traveling guide: How do you pack properly for a trip?

For many people, traveling is a great passion and we all like to be able to escape everyday life. Whether you are going on your first trip or your hundredth trip, it is always useful to learn how to get the most out of your trip and still have money left over after the trip to pay for rent and food at home. Of course, advice about what things not to forget and how to pack everything you need in the smallest suitcase (because let’s be honest, nobody likes to carry around a lot of luggage) is always welcome. Here you will find advice on how to travel smart and without a lot of luggage.

1) Weather forecast

Before setting out on your trip, you must always check the weather forecast for your travel destination for the period you want. This is important in order to avoid unnecessary expenses, such as the cost of new clothes. This is especially true for cities like London or Dublin, known for their rainy days and the unpredictable changes in weather.

2) Important documents and money

This is probably the most important part of your travel preparations. There is nowhere you can go without your passport or identity card with you. Before you get into a taxi or go to the train station or airport, it is better to double-check that you really have all the necessary documents, plane or bus tickets, and the money with you.

3) Don’t waste space

Regardless of whether you take a small suitcase or a bunch of luggage with you, you should still pack as tightly as possible and not waste space. If your clothes take up more than half of the space in the suitcase, you have probably overpacked. Another piece of advice: fold and roll up your clothes as this will take up less space than when they are folded up.
4) The “law of three”

Three sweaters, three pairs of socks, three T-shirts … keep it simple. This way, you can always wear one item of clothing while washing the other. You don’t necessarily have to follow the “law of three” when it comes to shoes or trousers because you can wear them for more than a day.

5) Unnecessary stuff

In fact, you know you don’t need all those shoes and jackets at all. When we visit new places, we like to surround ourselves with familiar and familiar things, but that’s one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. Also, keep in mind that you will likely buy extra items on your vacation, such as new clothes or souvenirs for friends and family. So try to avoid being unable to close your suitcase at the end of the trip.

6) Three-pole power adapter

Modern electronics are incredibly advanced and we are all more or less dependent on our smartphones and laptops. Because of this, we always need a way to recharge them. However, sockets vary from country to country. We, therefore, recommend that you take a three-prong power adapter with you. This way you are well equipped for most countries.

7) Be relaxed while traveling

The world today is very multicultural and offers all sorts of things. So you can buy everything you need or might need at your travel destination. There’s no need to waste suitcase space on things like shampoos or toothpaste, as you have the option to purchase all of these upon arrival at your destination. You will likely find the same brand that you found at home even when you are on vacation.
8) Online tour

Before you go on your trip, take a look at your travel destination on the Internet. So you can find out which places are worth seeing, what food is good and where to find it, etc. It is always a good idea to know these things in advance so that you can avoid the queues and visit the best sights (unless you have it prefer to wander around the old fashioned way: with a map in hand and asking the locals for direction).

9) Haggle

Don’t spend so much money on souvenirs and souvenirs. The locals expect you to haggle over the price because they want a bargain. Often times, you will raise the prices so that you can again haggle them down. Also, avoid shopping in fancy gift shops or boutiques. Everything you need can also be found in the local market. Not only are things cheaper there, but they’re also more authentic.

10) Remember to enjoy your trip

Last but not least, a rule that many forget when traveling. Leave the stress of work at home and don’t fret if your flight is delayed. Keep in mind that how much you are bored of life by doing the same work again and again and by watching movies and stuff on Kissanime, Netflix and HBO, So Get the most out of your trip and enjoy the new culture and people around you. Try to relax as much as possible and enjoy the journey to the fullest.

Keep in mind all of the above tips and i am sure you will enjoy your trip. If you have any other suggestions tell me in comments

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