Turn Landing Page Conversion Successfully: Easy And Useful 7 Steps

In the era of online marketing, “Landing Page” is a familiar term but still there are so many among us who are not friendly with the word. A Landing Page or a “lead capture page” is that single responsive web page which appears when one clicks on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The page is mainly linked with sales copy and its main aim is to convert site visitors into sales or leads.

Besides its significant importance in online marketing sector, most of the people think creating a landing page is a child’s job. By simply putting texts and some cheesy images randomly you can create a successful and good landing page. Think again? Because creating landing page with the help of Joomla is now an easy task to do.

Being the first impression of any website, a landing page requires as much hard work, calculations, and creative inspiration as the whole website setup. That’s why here we are giving an easy and useful seven steps guide to turn your scary landing pages into a captivating and successful venture.

Headlines are the Mirrors

Headlines act as the name of persons, so make them catchy and interesting. Acting as your main gateway to enter into your targeted audiences’ field, select headlines that looks captivating and signifies your presence well. Always use simple English and direct approach is the key of unlocking the blocks of your targeted audiences. But maintain the curiosity so that visitors will hook on to your landing page.

No Sucking Content

It is not necessary that you will hire a well-known copy writer to get your website content written but what is more important is that it must be error-free from grammatical mistakes. Use clear and concise sentences that can clearly reflect your ideas without compelling visitors to use dictionary. It is well said that a good written copy or content opens the success gate of a landing page. So, be assertive rather than passive. The content has to be SEO friendly as well. However, don’t try to add too many keywords in the content just to make it search engine friendly because that would interrupt the flow of the writing rather you need to maintain a fine balance.

What Makes You Different?

Have you ever thought how you can be different from others? What distinct product or service you are providing that compel visitors to hook on to your landing page? Why people should buy products from your site or what value you are offering? These are the simple yet important questions to think and implement before finalizing a landing page. Whether you are giving fast delivery or free shipping service or competitive prices, mention them clearly!

Effective Designing

Encourage people to scroll your page. Do not overshadow one deigning element by other one. Make each one of them look prominent by using color combinations, different font sizes, bullets or any similar techniques. It is good to avoid the same familiar words like “Click Here” or “More Info”. Use some other new words combinations in place of them. And the most important thing to keep in mind do not use stock images as they lack credibility and do not serve the required purpose.

“Too Much” Is Not Always Effective

The English phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” applies well while making a landing page. Too many Call to Action buttons will not only spoil the overall look of the page but also effect the conversion rate negatively. One CTA button on a landing page is enough for optimistic results.

Reliability is the Key

It is not just the last step of this useful guide but is also an important one. People will not put their hard-earned money blindly on you unless they will not get an assurity or trust of security from your side. And to do so there are various ways like feature feedbacks of some ‘real’ people. Make trusted bond among your targeted audiences, give significant value to their feedbacks, and use new offers and ideas to improve your products and services time-to-time.

Along with these simple steps, you can now turn your landing page into a successful advertisement and can increase your sales with various latest CMS like WordPress and Joomla. These latest open-source content management systems give a fresh and latest uplift to your website’s landing page. Through the help of hosting, support and SEO services offered by Joomla, any landing page can successfully be turn into an interesting and active web page.


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