User-Generated Content Marketing and It’s Benefits

In the current era, user-generated content has become an important part of the content marketing strategy where customers  rave about your products or services online.

User generated content can be defined as any sort of content whether that be simple text, images, pictures, videos, that is produced by regular users and made accessible through social media . Social media channels Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc have become royalty of user generated content. For example-on instagram UGC usually displays pictures and short videos which can feature your product or brand. It is even a central aspect to a new marketing strategy 

User generated content is unbiased as brands don’t pay for UGC these are created by the users because they loved the services or product of the brand Effective ways to use UGC to ensure success in your marketing efforts:

  •  Product Reviews -Showing buyer user generated reviews about the product can prove to be an effective way in increasing sales for your business as whenever people wish to buy a product or service they go through the customers review . So, encourage your customers to leave reviews about your brand . 
  • Hashtags Campaigns-Another way to gather customer content is by creating unique hashtags and to host contests with exciting prizes and vouchers and get your customers contributing to your hashtag 

This helps in increasing audience engagement , building brand awareness and in boosting the sales of your brand  .

 You can innovative ideas for user generated content marketing . 

Six Reasons why you should embark on a digital marketing approach which stars UGC


As we know that blogs and social channels are hungry for content .They need to be fed with fresh content continuously to keep the brands high up in search engines . So instead of working on content for hours  and spending too much on advertisements WHY NOT brands just collect and curate the public content and display on websites or apps ? It is a cost efficient way where users create content for the brand .


The prime benefit of UGC is that it helps in improving the brand quality amongst the consumers. It builds brand trust by removing the obstacles. When customers share about their experience with the brand then people are more likely to trust and relate rather than the brand promoting itself . The customer feedback always matters to the people as they can relate to it .


Now when you have built trust amongst the consumers and now more and more people are relying on your product then they are definitely going to buy your product . This will increase profitability .


By user generated content marketing you can  bring people together in a big happy family. Emotions are shared among consumers as well as all are now a community .The beauty of user generated content is that the users run the show while the marketers don’t have to empty their pockets on advertisements . 


Around one third of the buyers begin online shopping through search engines not by directly visiting the company’s website. As the search engine bots prioritise fresh content in search results there is  continuous flow of user generated content that the users are posting online about your brand.This helps to improve search rankings. If your users are publishing content on their own blogs, backlinks to your website can also improve its SEO ranking. Also , analysing the most frequently used words and phrases your audience uses can improve your keyword optimisation research.


User generated content marketing is a time saver marketing strategy . Creating great content every time is the most challenging task for the content marketers .UGC reduces the burden on content marketers . Innovative content can be collected  from customers around the world .By aggregating hashtags , comments , videos , images user generated content can help in saving a lot of time in the creation process. 

Let’s have a look on how world’s biggest brands used user generated content marketing to market their products and increased their sales :

  • COCA COLA’S marketing team came up with the idea of initiating ‘share a coke’ campaign through social media.They received huge response from people all over the world.
  • Starucks – they encouraged their customers to draw some artistic doodle on their cups . They launched the contest which was used under hashtag #WhiteCupContest .Through this they were able to increase sales and gained a large number of customers . 
  • NETFLIX – The top online streaming platform Netflix decided to promote their series “Stranger Things” through user generated content marketing .Thousands of people got amused with the idea and started posting stranger things in their daily lives using #StrangerThings2 .As a result using user generated content netflix got 1 million audiences within 2 weeks . 
  • National Geographic came up with #WanderLustContest which encouraged people to share their exciting photos and videos .Anyone with a camera and connection could upload their moment if adventure .The contest winner was offered a chance to win a Yosemite photo expedition with a National Geographic Photographer . With the campaign National Geographic engaged travel lovers and generated a wealth of shareable content .


User-generated content Marketing can spread awareness about your business and strengthen your brand image. So start including user-generated content in your digital marketing strategy .

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