Visa options onshore with COVID 19

When it comes to the health of an individual, the Australian Government stays committed towards protecting the health of Australians and all the immigrants. You all might be aware of the pandemic that has given a major jolt to the entire economy. Now, due to the covid-19, there are many changes that have been made by the Australian Government, so that you can combat the corona virus with great ease.

The government is making a number of changes to the temporary visa holders such as the ones who’ve Australia Tourist Visa during the coronavirus. The measures are taken to ensure good health of everyone and to protect the health of Australian economy as a whole. The government is prioritizing more on safeguarding the job opportunities for Australians, giving unmatched support to the critical industries and assisting with the rapid discovery post the coronavirus.

Maintaining public health is the top most priority of the Australian Government. All the temporary visa holders such as the ones with the Australian Tourist Visa must follow the public health advice in order to cope up with the corona pandemic.

The One Holding Australian Visitor Visa Should Return Back Home As Soon as Possible

If you’re staying in Australia with your family and stuck in there because of the corona outbreak, it’s time that you should return to your home country as soon as possible.

  • Australian Tourist Visa Holders should apply for a new visa before their current visa expires, if they want to live in Australia legally.
  • If you as a visitor has “No further stay” condition on your visa along with a validity of less than 2 months, then you can request a waiver to your current condition, so that you can be allowed to lodge a new visa application.
  • If you cannot return to your home country, you need to maintain the status of a valid visa holder and get yourself engaged with the healthcare facilities, to assure that you’ve a clean bill of health.

Information for the International Students

When it comes to protecting the interest of the international students despite the corona outbreak, the government is taking a flexible approach.

The government has temporarily relaxed the enforcement of the 40-hour work limitation under the following sectors such as:

  • International students who’re working and are existing workers in the major supermarkets and are helping to get the stock updated due to the increased demand amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • International students who’re existing workers in the aged care sectors are able to work 40 hours a fortnight.
  • Now, the student visa holders who enrolled themselves in nursing can work, help and provide unmatched support in the health sector against corona virus.
  • If you’re unable to support yourself amidst the deadly situation, then you need to consider returning back to your hoe country. On the other hand, that the student visa holders can support their living with the help of the proof of funds.

What is the New Zealand 444 Special Category Visa

You might be aware that Australians and New Zealanders have reciprocal approach whereby they can work and live in each other’s country with great ease. If you’ve a SC Visa for New Zealand, and meet all the eligibility criteria, then you’re eligible for all the welfare payments, including the Job keeper payments and the job seeker.

On the other hand, If you do not have a New Zealand 444 special category visa, you will still be eligible for the job seeker payments via your employer.

All You Need to Know about Working Holiday Makers

The Australian Government is providing flexible arrangements when it comes to ongoing employment of the Working Holiday Makers. It is done to give a major support to the critical sectors health and aged, disability care agriculture, food processing and many more.

Those who’re WHM’s in the above critical sectors will be exempted from the 6-months work limitation and will be eligible to apply for another visa, either if they want to work in these areas or current visa is going to get expired in the coming 6 months.

If you’re WHM, who’s working in the critical sectors, but is not eligible to apply for a further WHM and not able to return back to your home country, all you can do is apply for the Temporary Activity (Subclass 408) Australian Endorsed Event (AGEE) Stream Visa.

Stay Updated with the Latest News

It’s always better to keep yourself updated with the recent news and the changes in the policies and the procedures. As you all know that Corona has hit the economy so hard, so the world altogether needs to cope up with this deadly virus.

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