WALKS AND WALLS: 4 Things that You Must Be Careful Of When Installing Tiles at Home

Tiles on the floor and on walls are very beneficial in houses. Aside from the fact that they make the house look better and look elegant, they are safe-to-use and long-lasting. 

If you are having floor tiles installed by your hired home construction experts and custom home builders, you will be greatly helped because they know how tiles could be awesome for your house in many ways! Meanwhile, if you are going to have floor tiles to replace your current flooring like linoleum or wood, you have to make sure that they are what you really need and that they fit your needs.

Regardless if you are hiring custom home builders or if you are going to do a DIY style for your floor tile installations, you have to see to it that you observe the proper ways to do that. Below are 4 things that you must be careful of when installing them.

1. Flat Underlayment

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The underlayment is the surface that the tile gets installed on. You need a flat, even, and strong surface. If you do not have this, your tile will sag and crack in places.


2. Clean the Surfaces

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You need to remove unwanted debris on your surface before you tile. Remove any dirt, grime, oils and other objects from your tiles. Doing this step will allow your adhesive to stick to the surface and the tiles properly. This problem often occurs when laying down tiles in comfort rooms and walls. Thoroughly clean all the surfaces on where you’ll put your tiles in.


3. Be Wary of the Caulks

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The caulk is a waterproof sealing material used to connect different joints of surfaces to prevent them from leakage. When tiling in your bathroom, one of the final steps is to caulk the joints. Caulk a straight line down the corners and along the edge of the tub. Remember to purchase the correct kind of caulk that is specifically used for kitchen and bathroom use if that’s your purpose. This type has properties to make it so it is incapable of mold growth. Be aware of the caulks you are using.


4. Plan and Prepare Best

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Plan ahead and always buy the right amount of materials needed for your tiling. Always make sure that you have plans for everything when laying out your tiles. Remember to get every measurement in your house that tiles will be put on. Make sure that you check your supplies for any damages that can severely affect your tiles when you lay them. Check for defects and dispose of them to prevent any more hassle and problems that would otherwise slow down the installation process of the tiles. 

Always consider the possibilities that there may be problems that may arise that prevent you from doing your plans, so always arrange a backup of materials and tools to be prepared that you can use just in case the worst happens.




Tiles are used daily inside your house. Take care of them to keep them and your whole household safe, but make sure that from the installation itself, they are already done well.



For Nicole Ann Pore, as cliche as it sounds, there is no place like home. She believes that is not only a responsibility but also a privilege to create and take care of a house where home is built. Nicole writes on topics that reveal the essence of a nice home, as well as home care and improvement tips. She is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of New South Wales’ most experienced home residential builders. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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