Wander Well: 7 Friendly Kinds of Apps You Can Use While Traveling

Traveling is fun and exciting, yet it’s not a secret that it requires a lot from you. Time, money and tons of effort! There are so many things to prepare and acquire, but if you get them all properly and completely set, everything may go smoothly. 

Nowadays, traveling is made easier by numerous contributions and advancements in technology. In many different ways, technology has touched traveling means and aids in order to make journeying around the globe more convenient.

Actually, technological help has become a chief tool when you’re traveling, especially when you’re going abroad. There are many mobile applications designed and created to help tourists and travelers as they go around somewhere new and unfamiliar. There are a number of brands and developers, and they have their own best features. To help you know the kinds of apps you should download and install on your gadget before you travel, below is a list of 7 of them:




Booking a hotel accommodation nowadays is possible wherever you are. You just need a  strong Internet connection and a properly working gadget such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. 

It’s very helpful because aside from calling the hotel to inquire if they have any room available and qualified to your needs, you can check through their site or their own application. Furthermore, there are apps where you can choose a hotel depending on the location you enter. They can also suggest nearby accommodation and present you the resources around those. 

In that way, you get all the information you need for your convenience and comfort. It saves you from wasting your time inquiring here and there while not getting the hotel you’re aiming for.

Additionally, you can get online vouchers and discounts through application downloads and purchases. There’s no need for you to line up also. Wait where you are because somebody will accommodate you and your online concerns. 




One of the effective ways to know how the place you’re about to go looks like is to read trip reviews of guests who already visited it. What can they say about the tourist sites? How were the services in the attractions they went to? How much are the transportation fares? What other things did they spend money for? What areas are commendable? What needs improvement? 

Applications showing guest reviews will help you find out the top tourist spots to visit and activities to do. Choose the one where guests can leave ratings. Through these, you can plan out all your itineraries. 

It’s advantageous to hear from them, but never forget to consider the factors present in their trip which might not be in yours. These include the weather, season, month, changes in the locations such as tourist attraction renovations and many more. 



Pexel – Kaique Rocha

It’s almost a necessity that if you are going to travel somewhere, regardless if it’s near or far, you should have virtual road maps with you. They know the road more than you do, especially if you’re a foreigner or just new to the place. 

These apps will help you find places, know directions, avoid heavy traffic and be aware of road accidents and checkpoints. Basically, with these road map applications, you can go around any place without the fear of getting lost. Just make sure your phone’s or tablet’s GPS is working properly and that there’s signal. 




What a big convenience it is if you can just rent vehicles for your land trips and not go on a hassle commute. Vehicle rental apps are helpful for you to clearly and completely set the details to the vehicle providers. Destinations, size and passenger capacity of the vehicles, stop-overs, driver details and many more can be discussed and talked about well too. 

It’s important that you talk about it before going on the road to avoid any misunderstandings, especially with regards to payments and itineraries. 

Some hotels offer transportation services to and from their locations and also to and from places you want to visit. You can also check out and inquire from them as you check hotel booking apps, so you have other options. 




You can do your research about famous places to try, and you may ask locals about the signature dishes they have, but you can also download a food locator or restaurant finder app. 

It will help you scan your location and give results of nearby food stores you can visit. You can save time and instantly find one without needing to stroll around without direction. At the same time, you can see their menu, so you can choose, decide and avoid having regrets when you get there. 

This one’s also useful if you don’t want to go anywhere far since restaurant locator apps will most likely suggest the ones around your location. This can also help you prepare if ever your next destination doesn’t have many restaurants and food stalls near it. That will make you come up with the decision to eat somewhere else in advance.




Get a more personalized flight booking experience with these flight apps. You will surely not get lost in the middle of your screen because the moment you fill out the details asked from you, the app can give you the exact results you need and suggest according to what’s close and relevant to the information you have encoded.

There’s no need for you to manually list down and write to compare the prices and deals because flight finder apps will keep you sitting pretty! They will compare flight details in an organized and very much comprehensible manner and illustration, so you will completely be informed.

Another great boon about flight booking apps is that you will be updated when prices go down! You are way more informed than anyone else not using apps like this because the notification pops right out from your phone or tablet! That’s even when you’re on the road!

You can easily use flight booking apps as their interfaces are designed purely to make the experience very accommodating to travelers. It’s a big aid as well if you need urgent flight bookings; since they are made for tablets and smartphones, you can look for available flights wherever in the world you are.




You will use this only when you are in a foreign country when there’s a language barrier. English is a universal language. When you go to other countries, people can understand each other better and clearer when there are English words used than when the local languages are being utilized.

Language translator apps are like voice recording apps, but the huge difference is that they do not repeat what you say like how you said it; rather, they translate. You can select the language to which you want your words to be translated to. And they definitely bridge the gap. 

Just make sure that the application you are downloading gives accurate translation, so you will avoid more misunderstandings.




Travel better and more conveniently using friendly apps that will absolutely help you! Get them ready before you go and wander well!



Nicole Ann Pore finds glee in writing about travel — world destinations, accommodation, tourist sites, vacation spots and everything else related to it! For her, the beauty of this world is amazing and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the purest ways to acknowledge it. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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