Want To Be THE WORST Travel Companion? Learn How!


You can find many interesting advices in the internet about how to find a co-traveler in case you don’t like to travel solo. Also, you can find many advices on how to be a good co-traveler. It is not difficult at all! Just pack fast, talk nice, and stay helpful! As a good companion you should know that the best and the most enjoyable way of traveling is travel by car. National car rental in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, New York, or whenever you are, will make your trip even more comfortable with a good budget car. Do you prefer luxury to budget style? It is not a problem to search for BMW or Bentley hourly. Who else but you, as a good co-traveler, will give your friend a helpful link?

But what if you are tired of being a good travel companion? Every time when you get an invitation for the trip, you feel like you have to go out of your comfort zone. So, here are advices on how to become the worst travel companion.



  1. Not a step farther without checking Yelp

People who like traveling often make a trip plan. But it often happens that you have to decide spontaneously in the process of traveling. It is important to be quick and easy going. If you want to be the worst co-traveler, don’t go to the new place without checking its reputation first. The process of going go to Yelp or Foursquare, finding that particular place, reading feedbacks will take an hour or even more. Double check! You are losing precious time, aren’t you? Great! Repeat this ritual every morning before you go to explore the city.

  1. Be indifferent to where to go and what to do

Your slogan for the days of traveling must be I Don’t Care! Be indifferent to everything that is going on around you. Don’t participate in discussions and don’t help to plan any activities. Where to go? I don’t know! Which restaurant to pick for dinner? I don’t really care! How to find the cheapest tickets? How do I know? Your friend will be impressed and disappointed.

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  1. I’m so tired! Let’s go back to the hotel!

It is not difficult to pretend that you are tired and absolutely exhausted. Even more, you are so much exhausted that you can’t move an inch. Whenever you go, to the beach or park, climbing the mountain or visiting museum, ask: Can we go back to the hotel right now? I’m so much tired!


  1. When packing, OVERDO!

Of course, when you are going for a trip you have to pack your valise. Is one valise enough for you? Pack your luggage with lots of useless unnecessary things! There is no enough space in the car for your stuff! It is not really comfortable to find a place all together with your bags, valises, and backpacks. Let your luggage be everywhere! Don’t forget your camera, laptop with a laptop case, your favorite picture from the wall, and a sleep bag. And of course, try to forget everything that might be useful on a road trip. How could you forget a towel, a deodorant, and a toothbrush? Shame on you! What about your passport?

  1. Miss your home!

Where do you live? If you came from Denver or Chicago, let everyone know that there is no a place better than your native city. Do you like this pizza? Even if the pizza is really great, there is nothing to compare with my local Pizzeria. Whenever you go, to the night club, local cafe or supermarket, always ask to go back home as soon as possible. East or west, home is best. You can feel comfortable only at home!

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  1. Be Instagram girl/boy!

Being an Insta person is very annoying for others. Always ask your friends to take pictures of you from different angels. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a public place or somewhere in the park, Zoo, Aqua park. Make stops and ask everyone to help you to take pictures, using different filters. Don’t you care that you slow down the excursion group? Oh, you really don’t care! You MUST HAVE the best pictures for your Instagram page.

  1. Don’t learn local language and speak with terrible accent

There is a rule, if you want to feel like locals, learn the language of the country you are traveling to. The rule rocks! The advice is really helpful and you will never have problem with finding the right road or place. But if you want to be the worst co-traveler, you should not learn the language. What is more, try to exaggerate the foreign words you know with a terrible accent. Mamma mia!

Sure enough, nobody will invite you to join in the road trip if you behave like that! Read these tips carefully and who knows, maybe you can add something to your armory. Anyway, you can travel solo if it is more comfortable for you!