What Are the Best STEM Toys for Kids That Make Learning Fun?

With such a phenomenal range of STEM toys available to parents and their children alike, it can be difficult to choose the perfect ones that will truly delight and captivate little brains and hands. That is why we have put together this list of our favorite STEM toys, which kids have enjoyed the most and given their quality seal of approval (and fun).

1. Enter the Spudnet

We want to start with a fantastic example of stem toys for 5 year olds that is perhaps an unusual choice for parents, but a nonetheless vital one. Enter the Spudnet is a cybersecurity-themed board game where kids will begin learning about online safety and networking.  

But they will be doing so in the most thrilling way imaginable! This is a sailing game where players will move their ships about the board while fighting off nefarious cyber-pirates. By framing cyber hackers as pirates, and the cybersecurity of your home as a grand ship, kids will see this entertaining allegory as something worth protecting.

You will be playing this game with your kids, of course, helping them to build on their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Next time that they play the extremely popular game, Fortnite, they will remember all the lessons that they learned playing Enter the Spudnet.

2. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit

Let us take the world of educational toys for Kids to the next level with this phenomenal entry. It is no mystery that Lego is a staple of kids’ toys and a firm recommendation from STEM toy experts. Lego is also a fantastic way for kids to learn how to count and build a basic mathematical foundation.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

But what about robotics and engineering? This Lego Boost Creative Toolbox is the perfect way for even young children to begin developing their understanding of engineering and coding. After all, this is one of the most lucrative and fastest developing fields in the world right now, one which kids need to begin learning and fostering an affinity for as young as possible.

Kids will construct five original and amazing robots with this set, which once completed, will blow them away. When kids realize how easily constructed something as phenomenal as a living robot is, their confidence will be hugely boosted.

But the wonder does not end there, as the coding companion app introduces kids to programming in the simplest way possible. They can drag various actions and prompts into their robot, which will animate it and make it perform various actions.

3. Primo Toys Cubetto Playset Coding Toy

This simple-looking block might be disguised as an ordinary kid’s toy, but it is actually one of the leading Learning toys for 3 year olds kids. This champion status is awarded to the Primo Toys Cubetto due to its magnificent design that introduces toddlers to coding in the simplest but most engaging way.

Learning toys for 3 year olds kids

The adorable Cubetto is accompanied by a board with various plug points. There are then various differently shaped and colored pieces that can be inserted into the board, making the Cubetto move, sing, and dance in different ways.

Toddlers will then gain a basic understanding of how coding works, and as they grow a bit older, will certainly be hungry for more coding goodness! If you would love to see your child enter this field when they grow older, then why not start their training as early as possible?

4. Kiwi Co Basketball Catapult

You did not think that we had left out a sports game, did you? The Kiwi Co Basketball Catapult combines geometry, physics, and math with some of kids’ favorite sports, such as baseball and basketball.

You see, if you show children just how much STEM qualities go into sport, then they will be able to combine scientific learning with their favorite activities. By teaching them how much geometry goes into, for example, the layout of a baseball field, then they will apply this understanding when they actually get onto the field in person.

This awesome game allows kids to learn the science and math involved in using the included catapult, as they need to make basic calculations to score that perfect point. This is a fun and thrilling way to get kids invested in their more challenging school subjects.

5. Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

While this snap circuits kit’s recommended age is 8 to 10, we know parents that gave it to their 4-year-olds with an incredible success. While many of our toys will require apps to play with, the beauty of snap circuits is that they are quickly and freely understood.

This means that kids can begin learning about electronics speedily to a level where they can build their own circuits independently in a short period. While this system may seem complicated for many children, once you help them understand how each piece works individually, and then together, they will be able to work through the various challenges included in this game alone.

We wish that we had been given a game like this when we were younger, so that we could have begun learning about how electricity and appliances work from a young age. It sure would have made science class far easier!


This is a phenomenal way for children to begin learning about renewable energy sources and how magical the earth beneath their feet is. They will never play in the mud in the same way ever again after seeing how truly awesome it is!  

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