What is Sharepoint and How to Find a Good Sharepoint Consultant?

What is Sharepoint? Why should you use it? How to get started with it?

Have these questions ever crossed your mind? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we talk about what Sharepoint is, what the benefits of using it are, and how you can get started with it.

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a tool by Microsoft that is used for document management and collaboration. It is a very customizable platform and is used by organizations for managing remote teamwork. It is a content management system and enhances the internal working of an organization by facilitating document storing and information communicating across an organization.

According to Microsoft, 78% of the Fortune 500 companies use Sharepoint. With its many unique features, it has been an integral part of increasing the working efficiency of these companies. Sharepoint allows corporate content management, creation of websites and company intranets, automation of business processes, and development of apps to encourage collaboration and productivity among team members.

What Are the Benefits of Sharepoint?

Sharepoint makes use of a multipurpose set of technologies. It has several features, most of them built-in. And there are several third-party tools as well that fulfils further requirements. Three main benefits offered by Sharepoint are security, collaboration, and automation.

  • Security: Since it is a product of Microsoft, there is no compromise on security. It has several built-in security features such as set permission access within the organization, limit outside organization access, set policies to monitor user behaviour, etc.
  • Collaboration: When shared with Office 365, Sharepoint takes collaboration to the next level. It creates a virtual workspace where teams can coordinate tasks and collaborate. It allows centralized document storing and sharing, which is a very useful feature.
  • Automation: Sharepoint helps to automate mundane tasks that occur in organizations. This leads to saving time and effort while also making tasks consistent and efficient. Tasks such as collecting approvals, tracking statuses, obtaining notifications become easy with Sharepoint.

How to Implement Sharepoint?

So you have decided to go ahead with Sharepoint for your organization but aren’t sure how to implement it? Implementing Sharepoint is easy. It is the assessment that is required before the implementation and the transition that follows it, which can be challenging.

A Sharepoint consultant can help your organization with this. A Sharepoint consultant can be seen as a middleman who bridges the gap between the technicalities of Sharepoint and the expectations of employees in an organization. By assessing the requirements of your company and determining what features of Sharepoint are relevant for you, a consultant can help you to put together the best experience. And after the implementation, a consultant can assist the employees in accustoming them to the new platform and initiate a smooth transition.

How to Find a Good Sharepoint Consultant?

When it comes to finding the best Sharepoint consultant for your organization, several factors play a role. Though cost, previous projects, client testimonials, etc. are essential factors for finalizing a consultant, in the end, it comes down to your organization’s values and requirements.

In this section, we will see some basic and important qualities that a Sharepoint consultant should possess.

1. Inquisitiveness

A good Sharepoint consultant should ask a lot of questions. In order to understand the needs of the client and empathize with them, it is necessary to find out everything about the client and their business operations. They should discover the ins and outs of the business- how it works, what are the problems that the business faces, how revenue is generated, etc. Inquisitiveness is a quality that a consultant must have to empathize with their clients.

2. Open-minded

A good Sharepoint consultant should be open-minded. They should be able to take and give suggestions. After gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business, they should be able to suggest areas of improvement and additional features that would increase the efficiency of the business. While considering client suggestions and implementing all their requirements, a good consultant should also think out of the box and provide suggestions that may further improve the business performance.

3. Provide demonstrations

If a consultant can provide a demonstration for every feature that they plan to implement, then it will be very beneficial for the clients. A demonstration will give the clients a clear idea about the features, their implementation, and functionality. At the same time, it will help them recognize the consultant’s expertise in actualizing the features.

A good consultant will utilize every opportunity to provide demonstrations to the clients. If a consultant is vary of showing demonstrations or giving actual proof of their experience, then they might be making fraudulent claims.

4. Knowledge of third-party tools

Sharepoint has a good number of third-party tools that provide several add-on features. These tools have been developed by others to solve particular problems. A good consultant must be aware of these third-party tools so that they can use them if needed instead of starting from scratch. This helps to reach the desired solution quickly by saving both time and effort. The knowledge about third-party tools also helps the consultant in the efficient planning and implementation of the project.

5. Continued assistance

The job of a consultant does not end when a project goes live. A good consultant understands that and sees the launch as only a beginning. They enquire about the post-launch plans and make themselves available for training the employees towards a smooth transition to the new platform.

Choose a Sharepoint development company with whom you can build a continued relationship. They should be able to provide support during the entire lifespan of the project. Continued assistance in training the employees and maintaining and updating the platform is an important quality the consultant should have.

Wrapping Up

Sharepoint is a handy tool for collaboration, and more so in the present scenario where the majority of organizations are employing work from home. In this article, we have provided a complete guide about Sharepoint- its benefits, its implementation, and tips on how to find a good Sharepoint consultant. Implementing staff augmentation services is an efficient way to drive the transition in a professional manner. There is no doubt that Sharepoint is a useful tool for any organization to increase their efficiency and improve their remote workflow.

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