What is the difference between digital marketing and internet marketing?

Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing are amazingly comparative, however, they do contrast somewhat. How about we take a look at the meaning of these two terms and understand them.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a wide term that depicts a lot of advertising techniques that utilize digital platforms to promote & market your products or services. This term is an umbrella term that portrays whatever utilizes an advanced stage for advertising your business, from online media stages to TV promotions. Digital Marketing promotions aren’t restricted to the web.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, otherwise called as online marketing, is a subset of digital marketing that incorporates techniques you use to showcase yourself on the web. To qualify as an Internet promoting technique, it must require the Internet to work and interface with leads. Internet centers around building the brand’s presence on the web.

The difference between Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing

As should be obvious by the definitions, the distinction between these two is slight. Digital Marketing doesn’t need Internet strategies to fall under this class, while Internet marketing requires utilizing the Internet to market to your crowd.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term under which Internet Marketing falls. Internet Marketing is a more exact type of digital marketing.

Channels of Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing

Since Internet promotion is a subset of advanced advertising, numerous channels cover. Moreover, numerous procedures are exclusively advanced showcasing and not Internet promoting. Here’s a table that depicts what strategies fall under which category:


It is seen that most of these strategies fall under both Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing. The main techniques that don’t fall under Internet Marketing are strategies that don’t need the Internet to promote and advertise.

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Now let us understand how some strategies that you can use to promote & market your business.

  1. SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy falls under both categories. Search engine optimization is all about optimizing your website so that it can bring or drive out organic traffic to your website from the Search Engines. When a person types something on the Search Engine to inquire about something, the Search Engine delivers the results on the SERP, Search Engine Result Page, based on the keywords or phrases that have been typed by the user to inquire about something. Through SEO, businesses aim to rank their website or relevant content for the keywords & phrases that are generally used by the users to make any search on the Search Engine, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, etc. By optimizing your content or Website for Search Engines, it helps to improve the online visibility of your website. And when users search for something on the Search Engine, you can help your website or content to show up in the SERP, by ranking for the relevant keywords or phrases.

 To make your SEO Strategy successful, take note of these few things:

  • Conduct in-depth keyword research of your niche
    • Conduct an SEO audit of your website & optimize all on-page factors
    • Generate High-Quality Backlinks for your website
    • Make your site mobile-friendly
  • Social Media Marketing: People have made their presence across all social media platforms. Your potential customer may encounter with your business page and you may get your next buyer! Hence, have an active social media presence, keep regularly posting, and create your product or services gallery, with alluring visuals. Always give updates to your business. Don’t post sales pitches & promotional content rather post engaging and valuable content so they keep coming back to you for more content. Run targeted Social Media campaigns, list your new products and services through sponsored ads, client’s purchases from your company, testimonials, etc. Have a content calendar that plans out your entire social media strategy and keep your content prepared as per the calendar.
  • Blog: Having a blog page on your website aids in the process of SEO. When customers search any queries related to your niche, then your blog can serve as an excellent source of information. When you start sharing relevant content and information through your blogs, people tend to visit your website more often, and eventually, your site gets more traffic. You can integrate a pop-up form on your blog page and ask your readers to subscribe for more such content and get notified when new content comes up on your blog page.
  • PPC: PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising appears at the top of the SERP when any search is made. The advertiser is charged a fee when someone clicks on the ad. PPC provides you with more qualified leads that have the potential to get converted. To make your PPC advertising successful, make sure that you use proper keywords as the ads appear at the SERP and connect with the right landing page from where they can directly purchase the product or avail the services.
  • E-Mail Marketing: Before starting e-mail marketing, you need to maintain a huge database of e-mails so that you can regularly keep updating your audiences about your activities. Integrate a pop-up form on your website and ask your visitors to leave their e-mails for future references. E-Mail Marketing is an excellent tool in nurturing your leads and directly connect with your potential buyers.

 Through the e-mails collected when people subscribed to your blog page and by visiting your web-page, send updates on your upcoming products or services, the best deals for them, etc. You can also send some relevant content information so that it seems that your approach isn’t a sales pitch, but also you care for your subscribers and visitors. Further, e-mails are an excellent way to connect with your existing client.

If you are a still confused and unaware what strategies to be implemented, then connect with a digital marketing agency.

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