What Is the Ideal Length for An Explainer Video?

When launching a new product in the market, enterprises spare no effort in devising effective and powerful marketing schemes which would not only help take their results far above the required level but also assist them with earning maximum profit.

            One of the best ways to showcase your product or the services online is to use explainer videos on different marketing sites and social platforms.

What is an Explainer Video?

            These are short videos used for online marketing that appraise the customers of the usefulness and functions of the products or services your company chooses to provide.

            Often these videos are placed on a prominent page such as a landing page or the home page of your company’s website where users and customers can easily sight, view and interact with them.

            Explainer videos certainly help you engage your potential customers and give them a reason to prefer you over hundreds of others who provide the same product or service.

Are Explainer Videos The Right Choice For Your Marketing Strategy?

Modern day marketing now encompasses a wide variety of customer oriented tools. Gone are the days when brands used to leverage their marketing collateral to gain maximum eyeballs.

Modern marketing is much more nuanced and user centric. Each user requires specialized attention if you require it to flow through your conversion funnel and eventually make a purchase.

This is exactly the reason that spelled the rise of video marketing in recent times. Videos are much more personalized and serve user needs well in any niche and at any stage of the user’s funnel conversion journey.

Explainer videos are one of the most successful such video types because they work extremely well, no matter what stage of the user’s journey you place them in.

While their primary purpose is to “explain” a product to the service, they can also collate, inform and educate, thereby leading together a marketing effort that’s unmatched by many marketing collateral present these days.

If you are a brand owner or a marketer in today’s world, explainer videos is a must have in you marketing strategy.

Ideal Length of an Explainer Video:

            When developing a video, a major question arises as to how long it should be, so that it conveys all the specs and benefits of your product and still doesn’t make viewer bored. Well, this article will surely help you answer that question.

            If you are a new startup in the market or trying to promote a small business, we suggest you keep your video precise and short, only reaching a time frame of 60 to 90 seconds. It will help the user to understand your point of view without getting stuffed with unnecessary information.

            A case study showed a drop-down from 77% to 57% in views when the video length reached up to 2 minutes. That case study also showed that videos that were more than 2 minutes long had only 47% retention. This implies that animated explainer videos that are only 60 seconds long can offer maximum message retention.

Ways to divide your video into an ideal length:

            To achieve maximum public retention on your explainer video, you can divide it into small parts, and each division would contain an aspect of your product or service.

1) Opening of 5 to 10 seconds:

            Try to deliver the introduction in 5 to 10 seconds, which would discuss the problems people face that your service can solve.

2) Your proposal in 5 to 10 seconds:

            Add all the points that disclose your schemes and claims but keep it short so that people maintain their interest. Your proposal must sound realistic and unique as you can really turn your client’s idea into reality.

3) Benefits of using your product in 30 to 50 seconds:

            Next, you can talk about the convenience and merits that consumers will get upon choosing your company.

4) CTA of 10 seconds:

            Your call to action is the part of your advertisement that tells your target audience what they should be doing next.
Finally, add a Call-to-action text in your video to gravitate your users to grab your services.

In a nutshell:

                In the final analysis, we can conclude that it is a company’s choice of how long they want their explainer video to be and how many videos they want either series or one video. If your company is confident enough that they can make an attractive video which is longer than 2 minutes, you should surely give it a try.

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