What’s Inside Your Lotion Boxes ǀ Hidden Facts and Ingredients

A moisturizing lotion is a common everyday product that we are all well aware of. It’s a low viscous substance enhanced with fragrances and enriched with the presence of oil in it. Lotion boxes contain all the essentials ingredients to keep your skin moisturized and prevent from dryness or skin rupture. Apart from that, moisturizing lotions have their own pros and cons. Some of these are discussed here.

Anciently lotions were also used as ointments for various purpose. There are some skin issues that can be cured using lotion till today. The lotions are considered an easy way of medicating some skin diseases. Soothing, smoothing and moisturizing is the function of lotion that we all are well aware of. In recent time the lotions have also been used as anti-biotics, antiseptics and in some cases anti-fungal as well. Corticosteroids and anti-acne medication are also done through lotion at times.

Apart from medical uses, lotion finds its ways into to commercial as well as cosmetic use. Commercially, it is a common practice at various factories for laborer to use these moisturizing lotion as to stay nourished. Since having antiseptic properties, it is used in hospitals and dispensaries as well. It must be noted that due to some allergic reaction and nature of various people, care must be taken to use lotions in hospitals. Lotions contain strong fragrances which are no good to allergic people.

Mostly the lotion is oil in water kind of mixture. That therefore keeps your skin moist.  Apart from certain benefits, lotions do come with various health hazards. And we have limitations as well for their use. For example, they may cause acne to many people. The systematic absorption and the rate the containing drug are absorbed through skin applying lotion depends on various factors. Therefore, all the drugs can simply not be used through lotions.

Lotions containing strong fragrances, can also prove fatal for the allergens and therefore care must be taken while using lotions.

Lotion Boxes
Lotion Boxes

custom printed lotion boxes

Staying and competing in the market effectively requires your product to be superior. Though marketing campaigns put extra efforts to get public awareness on the product. A simple way to get it done is through the customised printed boxes of your product. Your customised box will help your customer to read what inside that lotion is. It can better help him with his allergies if he finds out whether to use your product or not. Similarly, a good product always comes in a great packaging. Hence a customised box for your lotion can help you get the recognition in the market.

lotion boxes wholesale

Get your boxes customised. You can do it by putting your logos or your trademarks on it. To save and lower per box price, one must order these boxes in bulk and wholesale as to get prices and cost of the product more down. More beautiful boxes, more sales, thus you’ll need more of the boxes. So, one must consider buying the customized boxes already in wholesale and bulk.

Are you using your lotion correctly and effectively?

Though a body or moisturizing lotion is a very common a product. Still it has its own limitations and affects on human body. Anything that you are giving your body, has its impacts on your body, positive or negative. There are simple rules to apply lotion by simply pampering your body to get maximum benefits out of your moisturizing lotion. Cleansing and moisturizing are two inter related body care process.

To get a better moisturizing one needs to have done thorough cleansing. Start your day simply by pampering your body properly through cleansing first your moisturizing lotion. Use your normal shower products to wash your body and rinse it off. After that while you are wet, apply the body lotion throughout the body and then after some time rinse it off. Rinse the whole body. Dry yourself and you are ready to go out. Cleansed and moisturized.

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