Why are Golden Goose Sneakers/Shoes so Expensive?

Why is Golden Goose Shoes too Costly?

Ok, I was looking to write this post a long time ago when I first bought my Golden Goose sneakers pair 6 months ago. If you’re unfamiliar with GGDB, it’s a designer shoe brand that is famous for sneakers looking already worn. Yes! you got it perfectly, these shoes have a designer price tag that looks already worn out.

If you don’t believe in me, hang around for a minute and I will explain why Golden Goose Sneakers are so expensive?

I really loved it at that golden goose 2.12 he first sight and said, “wow! they are cute”. But that didn’t create a hype in me to actually buy them. Time passed and I was constantly ignoring them until I finally decided to get out of this craze.

You know what, GGDB sneakers are expensive for sure. But the pair I bought from a golden goose sneakers sale is not actually expensive, they were are quite affordable, believe me! But yeah there is a long story.

Why are Golden Goose Shoes so Expensive?

About 2 months ago, I was scrolling Pinterest with an evening coffee when I saw Golden Goose sneakers that looked really cool. I immediately clicked on the link to buy but ended up with frustration to see the high $500 price tag. My excitement was gone in no time.

Then, I started some internet research when I found a really cool golden goose sneakers sale which was selling the same quality sneakers for an around $170 average price.

I come to realize that there are both expensive and inexpensive methods to buy sneakers, but you have to do some research first. However, let’s dive into the reasons why are Golden Goose Sneakers so expensive?

The first reason why are golden goose shoes so expensive

Hand Finished

We all know Italians are world-famous for producing high-quality leather shoes and sneakers. Golden Goose is made by the Italian Craftsmen so you can expect the uniqueness and authority in every next pair.

The second reason why is golden goose so costly

Limited Edition Variations

There is individuality in the products. The prices are so high that every person can’t afford in society. That’s why Golden Goose is not a mass market. If every person has the access to a resource then the value of that thing can’t maintain its individual grace.

The third reason why are golden goose sneakers so expensive

They are Butter Soft

They are luxury products! I mean have you felt the comfort in the leather they use? It nicely fits into your feet and doesn’t let them get any hard or too fit to be congested. It is a butter-soft and high-quality product in the market.

The fourth and last reason why golden goose sneakers why are so costly

Brand Itself

Golden Goose is itself a name of the brand they have produced a very unique and recognizable product being known for the scuffs, stars, stripes, etc. so people buy into it as they want to be seen to be wearing the must-have item.

So, I am wearing these golden goose 2.12 for the last 2 months now and I can really answer why are golden goose sneakers so expensive? They are simply cool and worth the price.

In order to really clear your confusion, I am going to make a list of pros and cons. But, these are all my own personal observations. Let’s have some honest thoughts on them.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers and Costliness

The Super-Stars are the first prototype to launch the GGDB star saga, having been built in 2007. Because of its casual, traditional, and contemporary style, this critical model has developed roots for a new approach to defining elegance. Check out the vintage influence, colour variations, and treatments of the famous Golden Goose sneakers for women online.

Golden Goose Fashion Sneakers is Expensive

Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo added sneakers to their catalogue in 2007 after releasing a rockstar-inspired ready-to-wear collection in 2000, with the intention of completing the look and lifestyle of the GGDB woman. The pair, both sneakerheads at heart, set out to develop a shoe that didn’t exist at the time: something casual but high-end, handcrafted and collectible.

Golden Goose’s shoes, unlike your stark white Stan Smiths or Supergas, are built to look fully worn-in right out of the pack. Each pair is hand-aged, scuffed, and finished with antique soles to make them look like you’ve had them for years.

Golden Goose Tennis Shoes

You already know you’re a superstar; now it’s time for the rest of the world to realize it as well. Golden Goose Tennis Shoes, including Superstar low-top sneakers – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand – Guy, are on sale at the Shop. Golden Goose’s Superstar low-top sneakers are a perfect example of why. Exceptional! Distressed light grey leather/fabric signature star patch on the side logo patch on the tongue front lace-up fastening flat rubber sole

Golden Goose Mid Star Sneakers

Mid-Stars are the product of a dream to create a sneaker for any occasion: they’re made in Italy and can be worn in any environment. Mid-Stars think beyond the box and see it from a different perspective. The English-style eyelets on the toe offer Mid-Stars the cool attitude of a pair of sneakers, but they’re also the epitome of elegance. Learn about the different treatments and colors that make up the women’s Mid-Star sneakers collection.

Golden Goose is located in Italy, the world’s footwear capital. The company runs and manufactures its sneakers from the beautiful northern city of Venice, staying true to their Venetian founders’ roots.

Golden Goose Platform Sneakers


It took me three years to get in and enjoy my Adidas Stan Smiths (read: distressed).

Review of the Golden Goose Sneaker

I went to Safari and typed in “SSENSE.com,” then clicked on “Golden Goose,” took out my credit card, and placed my order…

It took me three seconds to pull my Golden Goose sneakers out of the package and make them look like they’d already been worn (hint: they’re pre-distressed).

…how would I still like these shoes if I didn’t have those three years of love?



Here’s what I wear in other American and French/European shoes for comparison.


  1. Legit footwear! The manufacturers are Italian so you can expect a masterpiece of Golden Goose sneaker under your foot.
  2. The way they are engineered looks smaller than their actual size, however, this is a personal assumption, do place your thoughts in the comment section below.
  3. Roomy fit – The footbed slightly cushioned which gives a luxurious feeling to your feet.


  1. Expensive ($300+)
  2. I find that they fit a bit smaller…and I even ordered a size 41/10 (and I am usually a 9.5). It’s not a huge problem, but it’s something to be aware of. It may be a particular style that I have, but I thought it was definitely info. worth passing on to you.
  3. You need to wear socks with them, and even some of the no-show socks will show.

Final Words,

If you like the trend, but can’t fathom spending more than $100 on sneakers, I get it. There’s no shame in getting the dupes instead. Hands down, this pair is the best dupe that I’ve found, and they’re less than $30.

Tell me your thoughts on why are Golden Goose Sneakers so expensive? Drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

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