Why Email is the most essential companion in 21st Century?

Why Email ?

Email Id is one of the most important thing like a mobile number to live a life with ease in 21st century. Many many things which are related to our lives be it using our essential Banking systems, operating our Facebook accounts ,supporting our Whatsapp with google drive backup options and solely dependent on the tool called Email or Electronic mail.Online Banking systems which have become a part of our daily lives and if you are using netbanking it is not feasible without a proper support from an Email Account .So, in any situation if you want to become a part of this modernising regime you have to be aware about using email and you have to use it.


Is Email a replacement of SMS or phone calls ?

No, not really as email serve their own specific purposes and are dependent on Internet connectivity. Though phone calls and SMS are also network dependent but they tend to charge a price and relieve you of necessity of having a internet connection.For Email if you have an internet connection even of less speed you can send your message free of cost.

While email and SMS are both effective ways to communicate with your customers, there are certain messages that are best suited for each channel. Email is a great medium for sending longer, richer messages that include images and attachments, and can be saved for a later date.

Speed of Communication by Email?

Speed of sending a message is blazing fast same as of the SMS.With a click you electronic letter is send to anyone across the world within a second.

Cost Factor in comparison to Phone or SMS?

When you want to contact someone abroad you have to purchase some of the expensive plans or have to bear the hefty prices of International call plans and same goes with SMS as SMS for abroad are more expensive than domestic ones. While having an internet connection is all you need for using the Email and reach anyone withing the world free of cost.

How To Get a new Email ID or Email Account?

Picture showing gmail icon

Though there are many tutorials present on the internet on how to create and use an online Email account but if your are an Indian and want a tutorial in native Hindi Language here is a  >> Tutorial <<   which you can use.There are many many tutorials present on Youtube,etc which you must follow instantly after reading this article and get to know the uses of Electronic mail and how to create one.And believe me everything right  starting from creating an Email account to using it forever is damn simple and easy.

What if you run an online business?

Dont tell me you are doing it without email…. 🙁

Not only is email a great way to communicate for consumers, but business use email everyday to reach new, existing, and future customers. It triumphs over social by being able to deliver private, transactional messages, which result in being able to help increase customer retention, and a larger profit margin.

My Preference for Email service provider?

Though there are many key service providers on the market with different additional benefits associated with them.Gmail by Google is the most used one and the one i recommend because of its 24X7 availability without any issues,big brand value of google, 15GB online storage support with GoogleDrive,auto spam filters which filters out most spam emails with a much better accuracy than many in the market.

Google is planning much more linked benefits for its users in the future so be ready for it.And I am not paid by google by any means for promoting their product and as far as I know they dont need anyone for their promotion because a trust is build among many people by their thriving teams and projects which are changing life of millions if not billions.

My Final Verdict on using Email?

As the core services in different sectors are increasing day by day ,the importance of using the Emails are also increasing and hence you must become aware of this and make it a part of your life. And one more important thing never share you email account’s password with anyone because if you wish to integrate core services as netbanking of any bank or anything crucial and confidential with your email account then dont share your email’s password with anyone and you can share you Email ID with anyone on which you wish to recieve your future mails…Happy E-Mailing



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