Why Emergency Exit Devices Are Important For Commercial Buildings

The security and safety of a commercial building are crucial. Even a small accident can create big troubles. While designing the safety measure for any commercial building focus on its emergency exit. Evacuating the building safely during the distressing hour is challenging. While planning the safety and security measure of the building discuss the emergency exit plan. Find professional Woodland Hills locksmith who understands the building structure and emergency exit plan.

Emergency exit can be used to call fire-fighter, police force during the time of the need. Places like offices, malls, and other commercial areas must have an emergency exit.

The purpose of the exit route is to help the people to move forward without a fail. It is possible when the path is clear and unblocked. Exit pathways with hurdles and blocks may create more panic and confusion among the public. As per the OSHO guideline, the exit route has to be unobstructed with proper light. The exit device has to meet code restrictions for a building. Most of the commercial building prefer installing panic devices to ensure safety to its people.

What are the three parts of an exit route?

Exit Access – Certain guidelines need to follow while planning route directing towards the exit point. As per OSHA guidelines, the exit access has to be a minimum of 28 inches for easy movement of the people in the group.

Exit – To keep exit problem-free ensure that the exit route is separated from the rest of the building and it does not have any obstruction.

Exit Discharge – A well-planned exit area will open to a street, public way or other open space. It will lead the public outside the building.

Advantage of Exit Devices: Exit devices are an important part of commercial buildings as they play a critical role in making the building more secure for the people and employees using the building.

Security: The exit devices are installed at a certain point to control the entry of the people. Most of the exit devices can be opened from inside only and few authorized people can unlock the device from outside. This measure ensures that the assets and people remain safe from intruders.


What Type of Exit Device is Right for Your Business?

Choosing an exit device for the business is not simply one has to consider several factors while choosing an exit device suiting the business purpose. Many businesses may require more than one type of exit device.

  • Type of door: While choosing the exit device to consider the type of door. Is it a single door or double door exit? What is the door made of; if the building has a glass door then it may require completely different types of door lock from wood or aluminum doors. Devices like vertical bars are preferred for different types of doors.
  • Fire rating: To increase the safety efficiency of the building uses a fire-rated exit device. To increase the level of safety chooses a fire-rated door as well. The cost of fire-rated devices is higher in comparison to the non-fire rated device.
  • Noise: While selecting the security device to consider the noise level that can be handled. If the building prefers a noise control atmosphere then installing a motor-operated exit device won’t be a choice.
  • Location: Since most of the exit doors are installed outside the building area and they sustain all severity of the weather. Choose a weatherproof door so that it can function well in extreme weather.

Types of Exit Devices: –

There are three basic types of exit devices, as explained here:

  1. Rim Style Exit Device- Rim style exit devices are the most popular safety device for exit doors. It has a latch mounted on the inside of the door’s surface. Rim style exit devices are suitable for the single door as well as for double doors.
  1. Mortise Style Exit Device- Mortise devices are robust exit device and it is considered heavy duty. The mortise door lock is prepped in the side of the door. These are heavy-duty devices and mostly used in areas that demand high security.
  1. Vertical Rod Exit Device- The vertical rod devices are suitable for double doors. It can be used on single doors to add extra security. The top and bottom rods cross run from the device of the door frame. When the panic bar installed on the interior side of the door is activated, the rods retract and release the lock.

Vertical rod exit devices are available in both Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) and Concealed Vertical Rod (CVR). The major difference between the SVR and CVR rods is, the SVR is concealed inside the door and it does not look bulky.

exit sign

Always trust the Professionals: –

Planning the security of the building is a crucial task. Whether you are a property manager or security in charge of the building, deciding who will access the property and how one could control the flow of the people inside and outside of the building is crucial. To make the building security stronger consult a professional 24/7 locksmith near you as they might suggest foolproof ideas for the premise.

They can suggest how to plan an emergency exit to face the crisis. Get Pro Locksmith in Woodland Hills could help you in designing the secure exit plan for a commercial building. They would help in selecting, installing and maintenance of the exit device. Get in touch and find the best security solutions for the building.

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