Why SEO is an Integral Part of Your Business : Understanding SEO In Business

Why SEO is an Integral Part of Your Business

To stay relevant, the vast majority of businesses are moving online. Establishing an online presence can be difficult for business owners that are not particularly tech-savvy. With SEO, online businesses can reach a greater audience and start getting leads.

SEO is an integral marketing strategy that all online businesses at least dabble into once. If they find that SEO is not a good fit for their business, they move into other strategies like PPC, social media marketing, etc.

But for the ones that are benefitted greatly from SEO, they invest heavily. The value that SEO brings to businesses is commendable, given that it is relatively inexpensive than other marketing strategies.

Here is why SEO is an integral part of your business:

It helps you build brand awareness.

Building brand awareness is key to your business short term and long-term success. Think about it.

If people do not know who you are, what your brand stands for, and what your offerings are, how will you generate revenue? Without adequate brand awareness, your business will have a hard time staying afloat.

SEO helps build brand awareness. And it does so in a pretty organic way (most of the time, at least).

People use search engines all the time. From ordering food to learning something new, the power of search is only poised to grow. If your site appears in a person’s search results, they will be interested to learn more about your business and what you have to offer.

In most cases, you will have to rank high. Aim for the top position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but even if you manage to get to the first page, you will start to see an influx of new visitors to your site.

Ranking this high takes time. It will be a long journey to get to the first page if you’ve just started doing SEO, but it will be well worth it in terms of traffic and brand awareness.

It is a long-term marketing strategy.

One key selling point that SEO professionals always mention is that SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. Yes, it does take longer to get tangible results from SEO, but these results remain relatively consistent in the long run if everything goes according to plan.
Paid marketing like PPC or even social media marketing certainly has its advantages. It helps bring immediate leads, something that all businesses value.

But what happens when decide to pull the plug on your paid marketing budget. You stop getting these leads immediately.

With SEO, if you have put in the right amount of effort, you will continue to get relatively stable results even if your SEO team pauses for a while.

It is always a good, beneficial idea to have both short-term and long-term marketing strategies working at the same time. That way, your businesses get leads in the present and the future.

It increases your brand authenticity.

Brand authenticity is something that all businesses should be paying attention to. Modern consumers are putting a greater focus on brands that are genuine and stick to their core values.

By appearing in the SERP, you get a chance to express your commitment to your core values. This not only helps you attract your target audience who share the same values, but it also lets you establish your unique identity within your niche or industry.

With good SEO, you will start to rank for competitive terms. Competitive, authoritative keywords are usually ranked by sites that have been around for a while and are key players in the niche. So if you can manage to rank for even a single competitive term, your brand’s authority and influence will skyrocket.

It improves your site’s UX.

Back in the early days of the internet, SEO used to be regarded as spammy methods to get people to your site. That has changed significantly.

These days, SEO standards have changed significantly. To even have a chance to rank on search engines like Google, you need to adhere to many best practices.

Site speed needs to be optimized; the site needs to have valuable content, mobile optimization is critical; these are all SEO guidelines and best practices that all useful websites need to adhere to. And this is just the beginning.

SEO is impacting the way website UI and UX is designed. When used in tandem, these two, SEO and UX, make for a brilliant site that provides value to online visitors and helps the business achieve its goals and objectives.

There is a greater demand for SEO to pay attention to the user’s experience on a website. The better the experience, the more it will be favored by Google and other search engines in their rankings. Having a live chat app or a chatbot will help you do this and more.

It helps bring traffic (and potential leads) to your site.

Any business that has an online presence, aka, a website, wants more traffic. The more traffic a website has, the more its chances of converting an online visitor will increase.
There are several SEO methods that bring traffic to your site.

Guest posts on authoritative, niche-focused websites not only help create brand awareness and send link juice to your website, but they also give interested readers a chance to see what your business is all about. Make sure that your posts are always up to the mark and provide valuable insights to your users.

Other SEO methods like forum participation also aid you in creating a name for your business. The more known you are in relevant forums, the more traffic you can expect to get from these platforms to your site. The absolute best part is that most of them will be highly likely to make a conversion as they are already somewhere down the marketing/sales funnel.


SEO becomes an integral part of any online business that sees the value in adopting a long-term marketing strategy. The benefits that SEO brings are not one dimensional, making it the right choice for companies that do not have the enormous marketing budget to outdo their competitors

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