Why Should You Travel to Tbilisi in Georgia?

Have you ever traveled to Tbilisi? If not, you definitely should once. It is a beautiful town located in the state of Georgia and is also it’s capital. The place is a gem located between Europe and Asia and the beauty of the place will keep you speechless. The place was under the Persian and Russian rule and as a result has an interesting and complicated history of its own.

Set in the deep valley of the swift Mtkvari River, the place boasts about its refined architecture, an ever-lively arts and cultural scene and a lot more. The Georgian lifestyle has also brought in the 21st century with its inviting cafes and restaurants, fancy accommodation to bag packers’ den, dazzling bars and nightclubs, galleries, parks, plazas and renovated streets and modernized transport. Every corner has a touch of contemporary Georgia.

Here are the Reasons for Which you Need to Pack your Bags and Head to this Country.

The People of Georgia

Georgia is famous because of its people. Whoever has traveled to the country will remember and praise the hospitality of the people. The people there are welcoming, friendly and respect their culture and tradition to the core. In the words of a local Georgian, “Georgia is the capital of the world in terms of culture, hospitality, and tradition. “Visiting the country, one can understand that mankind can achieve anything with respect and love and a good human bond can do wonders.

Georgian Cuisine

People who have travelled to Georgia have also become fond of the country’s cuisine. Georgian cuisine is not so recognized in the West but is definitely considered as the best food in the whole of the Soviet Union. The food there is very diverse and is highly influenced by the rural side of the country and its austere history. Khinkali is a popular dish which is a local version of dumplings. Another dish that is liked by everyone is khachapuri, which is more of a cheese stuffed bread with toppings and served in many versions.

The little local markets

Georgia is full of local markets selling various colored vegetables, fruits, meat, bread and a whole lot of things. The place sells items with no price tags and therefore one should intelligently negotiate the price with the shopkeepers who are interesting old ladies with a grumpy face. They also never utter a single word in English.

Mystical Churches

Georgian Orthodox churches are places where you can seek peace and feel alive. The churches are filled with incense, history and an unassailable mysticism. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, for example, is the most holy of Georgian churches. It is located just in the outer boundary of Tbilisi and has been a place of worship since the 4th century.

The little streets of Tbilisi

The little streets of Tbilisi are another point of interest for people who have visited Tbilisi for the first time. You will be mesmerized by the cute little alleys and streets all over the city that has a charm of its own. You can go for a walk across the streets in your free time and capture the beauty of the streets in your camera.

Surprise Nightlife

Regardless of whether you’re keen on throughout the late evening clubbing or a tasteful glass of red at a bar a difficult day of investigating, Tbilisi truly makes its mark as the sky turns dull.

Music darlings will discover a lot of house, electro and techno clubs most appropriate for moving the night away. For a relaxed summer evening, appreciate a post-experience drink in the brew nursery of neighborhood most loved Bauhaus, where you can absorb the best of nearby liquor and food.

In winter, go for a couple of shots of stomach-warming chacha, Georgia’s public liquor (wine-based, obviously). You can attempt it nearby style in bars all over Tbilisi, yet the Chacha Room comes enthusiastically suggested – as do the Chacha Corner and Chacha Time shops.

Wine Culture

When in Georgia, you should not fail to go wine-tasting in the country. Kakheti, Georgia’s wine region, is the perfect place to get a taste of Georgian wine culture. Apart from wine tasting, you can also stay in that region and learn about local wines.

To know more about Georgian culture and soak in the essence of the city, you need to visit the town of Tbilisi in Georgia. You can fly to the place by booking your seats with Allegiant Air. You can contact them by calling Delta Airlines reservations helpdesk.

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