Why to Have an Electrician Do Your Electrical Wiring

If your home is not built recently, you can be sure that your electrical system needs upgrade or repair. Adding new electrical gadgets are making home safer and it is always advisable to keep up with the changes. Technology now a days is moving at a great pace. Houses which have not upgraded with today’s electrical demands find it very hard to keep up with changes. The symptoms are very evident but many people avoid it or overlook the need. Here are some points which will help you decide when to get an electrical wiring done.

Main Electric Circuit:

If the main electric circuit of your house often trips or the fuse of the main electric circuit blows off almost every day that means that the circuit in your house are currently drawing more electricity and hence are tripping off, as the excess electricity is unsafe for the electric gadgets.

Flickering of Lights When Gadgets Are Switched On:

Have you ever noticed that the light in your bathroom flickers when you use your hair dryer? If you switch on the fridge or the air conditioner the ceiling lights are dimmed. This generally happens if you are not using proper switches to plug in the gadgets. Many motor-driven appliances consume more electricity. Thus, the gadgets should be plugged into proper sockets to solve this issue.


In many houses you would find multiple plugs been connected to one slot by using add on. This may cause your electrical system to overload or work beyond capacity. You need to connect the plug of the gadgets to duplex receptacles to restore safety.

Messy Electric Cable Condition:

If you think there are too many cables in your living room which are running under the carpet and furniture make sure you get more electrical sockets installed by an electrician.

  1. Older Homes: In many houses which are old it does not have a three-prong grounded plug. It may sound like a minor electrical issue but it is very important. This issue suggests that the electrical wiring system is not stabilized. Hence it gives you the information that the electrical wiring is not safe and you should be contacting an electrician before it causes huge damage to your house.

6. Blackened And Warm Surface Switches:

If you have switch boards in your house which feel warm when you touch them or if the switch boards have turned black or give mild shock sometimes it is times you hire an electrician. These problems are related to high demand on the circuit which is a very dangerous condition. If the house you live in which is very old you might have aluminum wiring done which requires regular maintenance by an electrician.

  1. GFCIS: The location near your kitchen, bathroom, basement or garage requires outlet which are protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIS). This protects your house from any dangerous situation caused due to wet or humid condition. You need to check that these outlets are working. So, it’s better to get it checked by an electrician.

One of the most common services calls electricians to get about what appears to be a failure in a washroom circuit. By coding, all outlets within 6 feet of a water source are required to be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI). These are essential safety devices that are cut off power if circuits are losing amperage, so the GFCIs are the most commonly seen in washrooms and their exterior outlets. Your electricians want you to remember that a single GFCI device protects everything else “downstream” on the circuit. Because washrooms are often not on an isolated circuit, a triggered GFCI can kill the power to outlets and lights that may seem unrelated. And things maybe even more confusing when the GFCI is installed at the electrical breaker box itself.

We’re not going to tell you that a low-voltage system is as dangerous as working on your electrical breaker box. But electricians want you to know that you should still take necessary precautions. Treat low voltage wiring as though it were standard, and you will pick up best practices that will pay off when working in higher voltage situations. Hence, it gives you the information that the electrical wiring is not safe and you should be contacting an electrician before it causes huge damage to your house.

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