Why Vinyl Is the Best Flooring Type For Dubai, UAE?


Highlight your home with beautiful floors and wall coverings that will add value to your property. It is possible to decorate your homes in many different ways and using different flooring textures and colors. It’s not always easy to know where to begin and what choices to make, but with careful research and advice, it is possible to transform a home into a stylish property. There are many styles and types of flooring available in Dubai and they can be installed by local installers or flooring professionals who work for companies that specialize in the luxury floor covering. Highlight your property with carpets, rugs, and wall coverings that will enhance the look of your living space, work, and dining areas. If you’re looking for a complete makeover then why not select from one of the many styles of flooring that are available today.

Ideal for apartments, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, shops, and commercial buildings, Highlight’s range of tiles is suitable for all settings. The most popular option will be the luxury vinyl flooring or wood flooring Dubai. Highlight’s range of tiles comes in both modular and fixed-slab styles. It is possible to choose from tiles that come in different colors and finishes including; light silver polished bronze, glossy, black, copper, glass, gold, sandstone, and natural stone finishes. Available in colors to suit any color scheme, Highlight tiles provide an attractive variation to the traditional flooring, wall coverings and carpeting that are easily installable.

Wood flooring Dubai, UAE

It comes in either ready-to-install wooden slabs or those that need to be interlocked and glued down on the floor. It is the most affordable type of flooring and requires the least amount of maintenance and care. Wood is a strong material that doesn’t crack or splinter. Due to its low cost, it makes a perfect choice for small areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms where the floor can be easily damaged.

The Dubai Vinyl Flooring is made from a combination of wood and PVC technology. This provides a durable finish and also helps to create a modern and sleek look. The main advantage to using vinyl tiles in Dubai is that they are low-maintenance and have a very long life span. Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials in Dubai. Most houses and offices use vinyl flooring because it is easy to install, durable, slip-resistant and requires very little care.

Apart from being low-maintenance, another advantage of using vinyl flooring Dubai is that they require little or no repair and hence are considered safe. The subfloor is sealed and waterproof. A variety of designs is available such as earth, leaf, rock, marble and mosaic. The types of materials that are used to manufacture these tiles include iron, aluminum, cement, wood and stainless steel.

The best quality of Dubai’s vinyl flooring is evident from the fact that it can support both fire and water. The installation of these tiles is quick with complete water proofing and anti-corrosion properties. Since water is not absorbed by the tile flooring, there is no need to worry about mold, mildew or other wood flooring problems. Another feature of this type of flooring is its slip resistance ability, which is why it is widely used in Dubai hotels, shopping malls, business premises, public places and residential areas.

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The main disadvantage of installing vinyl flooring in Dubai is that it does not look like real wood flooring. The tiles are not solid wood flooring and hence may not be the ideal choice for areas prone to heavy traffic. They do not look like hardwood flooring in areas where heavy furniture is placed. Moreover, installing solid wood flooring in Dubai requires an extensive amount of work and is obviously very expensive.

If you want to install the flooringdubai.com, then it would be advisable to use good quality hardwood. This would ensure that the floor is well maintained and looks good. In addition to that, installing wood flooring in Dubai ensures that you get all the benefits of a wood floor at a much lower cost. Using the right kind of flooring enhances the value of your property and attracts more customers and investments. Hence, installing the best wood flooring in Dubai not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also improves the overall efficiency of your house.

What You Need to Know About Highmoon Flooring

Highmoon Flooring is a leading company in the carpet industry in Dubai and the entire region. They produce all sorts of carpets and flooring including carpet tiles, carpet squares, carpet backing, carpet shingles, and much more. They also have an extensive range of accessories, fashions, and textures to complete your home, office, or commercial space. These carpet products are designed for both interior and exterior applications and come in a wide range of colors, styles, designs, and materials.

The company’s services include installation of carpets and flooring Dubai, covering flooring in Dubai apartments, hotels and commercial premises, renovation and building projects, maintenance and repair of flooring and carpet tiles, and the application of flooring accessories, such as carpets, rugs, mats, carpets backing and carpets shingles. Highmoon flooring suppliers have a well-established network of over 500 contractors and sub-contractors worldwide. The company is constantly improving its methods and technology to offer the latest and most cost-effective solutions in the carpet and flooring industry.