Why You Should Invest in Bangladesh?

Why you should invest in Bangladesh?

Because, it is the fastest-growing economy in the world, cheapest labor, growing infrastructure.

Bangladesh has 170 million consumers. A lot of business opportunities are there. A lot of policy support from the Government to the investors.

After 48 years of independence, Bangladesh has established a consumer economy.

If you invest in Bangladesh, you don’t need to go anywhere for sale your products or services. You can sell your products or services in Bangladesh very easily.

Investment Opportunity in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the land of opportunities. It is the 2nd largest apparel exporter in the world.

World’s best quality leather produces here. Many industrial countries like Korea, Japan, China, India, EU imported leather from Bangladesh and make world-class leather products.

Bangladesh is the best and highest jute production country in the world.

Right now the technology sector is booming in Bangladesh. Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and many other mobile brands already started its mobile production plant in Bangladesh. Nokia will start production very soon.

The automobile sector is coming up. Honda motor already started its production of two-wheeler in Bangladesh. Many Indian automobiles brands like Hero, TVS, etc start their production plant. Some local brands also started their two-wheeler production in Bangladesh.

Proton, a Malaysian brand start their production with a joint venture in Bangladesh

In the consumer electronics sector, Bangladesh has established its own brand “Walton”.  Walton already captured a significant number of market share in many countries.

E-commerce sector is now the fastest-growing sector in Bangladesh. For the last couple of years, it grew by over 30%. “Alibaba” the Chinese e-commerce giant already started its operation in Bangladesh in the name “Daraz”. Many other local and international e-commerce companies are running their operation in Bangladesh.

Where you can invest in Bangladesh

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is now offering a very attractive investment opportunity in Bangladesh.

You can get a tax holiday, the investment return and many other facilities here. Japan, China, Korea, the EU, the USA, India start their many production and service units in Bangladesh.

8 export processing zones are in the full operation in Bangladesh. These export processing zones are specially for export-oriented industries.

100 specialized economic zones are getting ready for your investment. Many big Japanese, Chinese and Indian companies already invest in the economic zones. You can invest in the economic zones for the local market as well as the foreign market.

Which Sectors are good for Investment in Bangladesh

You can invest here in textile, cement, leather goods, jute goods, agro-processing industry, IT sector, e-commerce, power plant, mobile, and consumer electronics production unit, automobile and spare parts production sector, capital market, etc.

All the above sectors are booming in Bangladesh and it has its own consumers in all the sectors.

You can also invest in big PPP projects (Public-Private Partnership), like roads, flyover, Government  housing projects, Government power projects, etc

How to Invest in Bangladesh

For the start business in Bangladesh, first, you need a trade license. You can get a trade license from the city corporation or Union Parishad offices in Bangladesh. It will take 1 to 2 days for getting a trade license.

If you want to form a joint-stock company in Bangladesh, you have to take name clearance from RJSC (Register of Joint Stock Company in Bangladesh) first. Then make your memorandum of articles and submit them to RJSC.

After completing your company registration at RJSC, you need registration at BOI (Board of Investment). In the Board of Investment, you can get a “one-stop service”. This one-stop service will provide you all types of services like land, power, gas, telephone and all other documentation, import and export license, etc.

It will take 30 to 90 days, depends on the investment category.

If you want to start an online business in Bangladesh, you can read the article @ how to start an online business in Bangladesh

End Words

Bangladesh is the land of opportunity. You can grow your business here. If you need any kind of consultation and services, you can contact us @ Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

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