Why You Should Switch Your Business to Kraft Bags?

Kraft bags are an important part of a trade for many centuries. Traditional jute and cloths used as bags. These resources took take part in packing and transferring a large quantity. After these fabrics, people used paper bags to distribute a little number of products. Paper bags use now by small food shops like street vendors and vegetable sellers.

Why plastic bags were popular?

But on the other side, features and structure of paper bags make them ideal other than plastic bags. Because you can print your company logo and unique designs. These things help in making popular your business. However, the role of the paper box is less popular than plastic bags in the old days. They hit only the fashion or luxury industry as well.

Plastic bags are famous due to the durability and capability to protect products. Particular food items remain safe in these bags for a long time. External harmful factors don’t affect food items. Plastic bags are ruling in the packaging industry for a couple of decades. But these packings were harmful to marine lives and land animals as well. They started to die as it gets in the digestive system of animals.

Why the government has banned plastic bags?

Due to harmful effects, the government has banned plastic bags. The government is replacing by kraft bags. More and more organizations are adopting eco-friendly material in kraft bags wholesale. These steps are appreciating by customers. Now the paper bag is today trend and many people carry these bags at many places.

What are the eco-friendly materials?

In the past, the concept of paper bags used to get them through deforestation. But today paper is not made from such resources. Many environment-friendly packaging solutions have come in the packing industry. Some of them are as follows.

  • Sugarcane waste:

Now the paper produces by the pulp of sugarcane that you can get this waste after making the sugar.

  • Straw:

Paper bags can produce from straw fibres. Around the world, people are encouraged not to burn their crops. They can sell their straw with a good amount.

  • Jute twine:

Jute is another beneficial source of producing paper. Because they help in producing top-quality writing paper.

  • Husks of coconut:

In the old days, people discarded coconut husks but not now. Because it is helpful in the production of thick structure paper.

  • Elephant poop:

You hardly heard about elephant poop but it’s true. On the other hand, they take less time to split in a simpler form.

Environments advantages:

You need to create a packaging solution that could not harmful to the environment. The trend of a paper bag is getting popularity among people. Now all the businesses are running according to environment protection as well. A huge portion of the population is using these lightweight bags because they are easy to carry. You can clean them and can hold for a long duration.

kraft bags
kraft bags
  1. Bio-degradable:

A first and most important advantage of these bags is that they don’t linger on the earth’s surface for a long time. Plastic bags don’t waste in any place and you have to burn them. All plastic bags will end up all land and marine lives. They affect the fertility of the land as well. Kraft bags take less than six months to degrade than plastic gears.

  1. Recycle:

Kraft bags are 100% recyclable, unlike plastic stuff. The recycling process of plastic material is hard. Because of producing poisonous and toxic gases as well. The top advantage of paper boxes is that you can reuse these bags as many times as possible. That is the main point of having these bags and are liked by consumers.

  1. Energy saver:

Besides many advantages of paper bags, they are eco-friendly. Therefore, they help in saving a lot of energy. Because they are made from many local materials and their transportation is convenient.

  1. Protecting natural resources:

Kraft boxes are helpful for preserving natural resources. Because they are made from recycled and unbleached material. They can get from a natural resource. Their manufacturing process doesn’t affect greenhouse gases. Now after many advantages, we can say that its entire procedure depends on the natural way. It is time to think that you must switch to paper bags.

Above discussed benefits, paper bags are completely eco-friendly. They are also helpful for the protection of your food as fresh as you need.

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