Young Entrepreneur Shares His Secrets to Success

A commonly held assumption throughout the business world is those who are successful are veterans who have flourished, in part, through years of valuable experience. However, Brendan Cox, a 19-year-old serial entrepreneur is proving this assumption invalid and proving age is just a number. Rather, meaningful experience and determination are what drive success, and this is achievable at any age. Cox is sharing his wisdom through his first published book titled: Strictly Business: How to Crush it as a Young Entrepreneur. Cox has turned several business endeavors into over six figures in profit today.

The book teaches young entrepreneurs how to turn a formulated idea into a successful business plan. Cox goes in depth to outline how to create a positive mindset and how to push past the barriers that all young entrepreneurs need to overcome. It discusses the difficulties that these entrepreneurs face in the business world and how to handle the pressure. The book also gives insights on how to stay up to date on trends and how to promote your business in a professional and effective manner.

Today, Cox has founded over 10 businesses and has learned copious lessons through continuous failure and success. Take a step into Brendan Cox’s enterprising mind by reading Strictly Business: How to Crush it as a Young Entrepreneur. This book will teach the tips and tricks of becoming a successful entrepreneur at a young age.

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Capitalize off Your Failures

Every aspect of life is a learning curve – no entrepreneur is perfect, and everyone is bound to fail at some point. What matters is how you handle failure, and what lessons you can learn from it. Cox says:

“My biggest failure was an investment I made in middle school. I invested $10,000 into growing an Instagram account, which was a part of my million-follower Instagram network.”

The account was dubbed @worstcalls and amassed over 400,000 followers just in a matter of months, being one of the most active Instagram accounts in the sports niche. The account displayed content of the worst referee calls in professional sports. Soon after reaching 400,000 followers, the account was deleted by Instagram for “violating their terms.” Cox adds:

“This was obviously a huge loss for me. In a split second, I lost $10,000 which is a lot of money for a 14 year old to lose. I tried everything to get the account back but Instagram didn’t even return my emails. I put this loss behind me and used it to motivate me to start something bigger and better. As an entrepreneur, failure is inevitable and you can only use it to motivate you.”

“Failure is almost unavoidable when it comes to being an entrepreneur. What matters is how you deal with it.” – Brendan Cox

Connections, Connections, Connections

Connections are everything in business. The strongest corporations have a network of people standing behind them – people who support the ideas and goals of the business. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to build stable relationships with everyone you meet because you never know how they might be able to help you in the future. Always remember to be kind, respectful, and helpful to the people you meet – you need to build strong, long term relationships with as many people as you can because one day, you’ll need your network of supporters.

On top of making good impressions, you should try to get the phone numbers, emails, and social media handles of everyone you meet. In today’s world, technology enables us to make connections instantly, especially through the power of social media. With a few simple taps, you can be in touch with anyone and uncover anything about them – Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. It’s important to keep your own social media pages looking clean and professional so you can use them to score potential business opportunities. It’s also crucial to maintain a presence on your social platforms – you should post consistently and routinely interact with other posts.

Brendan currently manages over 15 social media pages, and he reaches out to over 20 new businesses entrepreneurs daily. He values his connections and relationships over everything:

“Succeeding in the business world has so much to do with making connections. It’s more about who you know than what you know” – Brendan Cox

End Words

Let us note that when Bezos started, no one believed he would still be operating months after he started. Our society is extremely different from what it was in the 1990’s. We are yet to unleash the power that technology awaits, and Jeff Bezos could be working on it momentarily.


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